Aircrafts fly over ceremony to mark the changing of the Flag in the Federal Capital of BrazilAircrafts fly over ceremony to mark the changing of the Flag in the Federal Capital of Brazil

On Sunday morning (9), Brazilians and tourists witnessed the overflying of two F-5 fighter planes and a KC-390, of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The activity was one of the attractions of the ceremony to replace the National Flag at the Praça dos Três Poderes (Three Powers Square) in Brasília (DF). The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Air Force. The event also included a presentation by the FAB Symphony Orchestra, with songs alluding to the Bicentennial of Independence. The hoisting of the new National Flag simultaneously with the aircraft flights was the highlight of the celebration.

Also present were the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces (EMCFA) and the Chief of Education and Culture of EMCFA, among other civilian and military authorities.

Flag Replacement Ceremony honors Aviators and the Brazilian Air Force

Changing the Flag! One of the greatest expressions of Civic Tourism in the country took place this Sunday (10/9), at the Praça dos Três Poderes (Three Powers Square), in Brasília (DF). In October, the act is always performed by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), as a way to honor the Aviator’s Day and the FAB Day, celebrated on October 23, alluding to the year 1906, when Alberto Santos-Dumont made the first flight with the 14-Bis, the heavier than air, a historic moment in which the Brazilian flew 60 meters in seven seconds, flying at a height of two meters from the ground, before more than a thousand spectators and the Official Commission of the Aeroclub of France.

The ceremony, which aims to encourage civic sentiment and the worship of national symbols, was presided over by the Minister of Defense, Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira, who was welcomed by the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, who was accompanied by the Commander of the Sixth Regional Air Command (VI COMAR), Air Major Jefferson Cesar Darolt, General Officers of the Brazilian Air Force and other authorities of the Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Army, as well as military and foreign attachés.

Held under the responsibility of the Air Force Command (COMAER) and coordinated by VI COMAR, the exchange of the National Flag, performed to the sound of the National Anthem and the Hymn to the Flag, accompanied by the 21 gun salute, also had several attractions for the locals and tourists. Among them, the overflying of the F-5 and KC-390 Millennium aircraft and the troop parade, composed by the Brazilian Air Force Symphony Orchestra Music Band (OSFAB); the Historical Flags Group; the Santos-Dumont Ceremonial Company and the Force Military Representation Groups.

“This is one of the most special moments for our Air Force, because with it we can show our devotion to the Homeland. And, in this month of October, we also celebrate the Aviator’s Day and the Air Force Day, remembering one of the greatest achievements of Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Father of Aviation,” pointed out Major Brigadier Darolt.

In addition, the public could watch the OSFAB presentation, in honor of the Bicentennial of the Republic’s Independence, and get to know a little more about the Air Force by visiting the aircraft models exhibit and interacting with FAB’s children’s character, Fabinho.

The moment was marked by the eyes of all who, there, could show their love for Brazil. The children learned more about the Armed Forces and the fundamental role they play on behalf of the country, and became enthusiastic about the military career. The Civil Servant, Giovana Mattos, made a point of attending the event with her daughter, little Ana Julia. “The exchange of the flag is a historical event and deserves to be honored. This space created by FAB was sensational and made the event even more enjoyable,” she said.

Changing the Flag

Law 5,700/71 determines the perennial presence of a national flag. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this was once the largest flag hoisted in the world, measuring 286 square meters. It weighs about 60 kilos and is replaced every first Sunday of each month in a solemn ceremony, whose responsibility is alternated between the Navy, Army, Air Force and the Federal District Government, through the Military Police and the Fire Department. This ceremony is considered a tourist attraction in the Brazilian capital.

Civic Event

The solemnity of changing the Flag is always held on the first Sunday of each month, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense. The Brazilian Navy, the Brazilian Army, the Brazilian Air Force, and the Government of the Federal District take part in the coordination of the event. This time
This time, because of the first round of elections, the ceremony took place on the second Sunday.

This year, due to the electoral period, the event took place on the second Sunday of October and gathered around 300 people.

Source: Assessoria Especial de Comunicação Social (Ascom) and Agência Força Aérea, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos, Major Oliveira Lima – Photos: Sergeant Müller Marin and P.Silva/ CECOMSAER. *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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