ABIMDE participates in symposium about the Brazilian Aerospace Industry at ECEMARABIMDE participates in symposium about the Brazilian Aerospace Industry at ECEMAR

The event held on Monday by the Aeronautical Command and Staff School also counted with the participation of Atech and Visiona, Embraer Group companies

ABIMDE (Brazilian Defense and Security Materials Industries Association), represented by its Executive President, General Aderico Mattioli, participated this Monday (16) in the Symposium “The Brazilian Aerospace Industry”, held by ECEMAR (Air Force Command and Staff School), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The event was directed to the EPEA (Estágio de Política e Estratégia Aeroespaciais – Aerospace Policy and Strategy Internship) officer-students.

Also participating in the symposium were Aviator Colonel R/1 João Batista Oliveira Xavier, Strategic Advisor of Atech, and João Paulo Rodrigues Campos, CEO of Visiona, both companies of the Embraer Group.

The three lectured on issues related to the development of the Aerospace Industry, technological autonomy, scientific and technological infrastructure, available resources, and also the challenges and prospects for the sector, among other topics. 

At the end of the presentations, they took part in a debate with the participation of the audience, composed of 44 colonels from the various cadres that compete for the post of general officer in the FAB (Brazilian Air Force).

In his presentation, the Executive President of ABIMDE highlighted the importance of the BIDS (Defense and Security Industrial Base) in the PNAE (National Program of Space Activities) and the importance of the FAB as a fomenter.

“The relevance of the Brazilian Air Force for the scientific and industrial development of the aerospace sector is remarkable, especially the potential of Brazilian companies,” said General Mattioli, citing as an example, among others, the evolution of Atech and Visiona.

General Mattioli, Colonel Xavier and Mr. and João Paulo Campos were presented with a certificate at the end of the symposium.


The Aerospace Policy and Strategy Internship is a module of the High Military Studies Course. Its purpose is to provide Colonels, from the ranks that have access to the generalate, with the necessary knowledge to act in the High Administration of COMAER (Aeronautics Command), participating in the formulation and conduction of the Aeronautics Military Policy, as well as in the establishment of the Aeronautics Military Strategy.

This edition of the EPEA counts on the presence of 44 colonels who are deepening their knowledge about Aerospace Power, now at the strategic level, including the interaction of the Air Force with the Brazilian Defense Industrial Base (BID), as well as the FAB’s Sectorial and Institutional challenges. 

After completing the internship, scheduled for January 27, 2023, the Student-Officers will participate in Advanced Studies Courses at similar schools of the Ministry of Defense, the Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Army.

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