The two collaborations expand XTEND’s new strategic plan for perimeter security and its edge AI capabilities

XTEND – a company specializing in human-guided autonomous drone operating systems for military forces and law enforcement agencies – is highlighting its recently-launched second-generation indoor tactical sUAS system – the Xtender. In addition, XTEND is announcing two new strategic partnerships with Easy Aerial and SightX, which will enable expansion into new markets and enhancement of the solution’s AI capabilities. 

Following the launch of the latest version of its indoor ISR sUAS, XTEND will show at its booth, the new Xtender in its final production form, with its added capabilities.

Taking a step forward in enhancing its edge AI capabilities, XTEND is partnering with SightX, which is developing mission-critical, real-time Edge AI, bringing revolutionary deep-learning research to real-world problems. SightX specializes in cutting-edge AI-based technology for superior situational awareness, and autonomous multi-object classification and tracking. SightX’s Edge AI technology is one of the first third-party apps running on XTEND’s operating system (OS), enabling a variety of AI-driven capabilities to be quickly integrated into XTEND’s OS. At the show, XTEND and SightX will demonstrate their combined offering.

The partnership with Easy Aerial – A world-class leader in military-grade autonomous drone-in-a-box solutions, has resulted in the integration of Easy Aerial’s Easy Guard EGV 90 ground station, with XTEND’s Wolverine Multi-Mission UAS. The integrated solution enhances XTEND’s capabilities to provide a complete perimeter security solution for long-endurance ISTAR missions and enable the operation of XTEND’s drone platforms from Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCV). The mutual product combines the autonomous operation, offered by Easy Aerial, together with the intuitive and Human-centric interface of XTEND’s Operating System running on the Wolverine UAS. 

“In response to the needs and challenges of our customers around the world, we are pleased to announce the expansion of XTEND’s capabilities and solutions thanks to these two strategic collaborations,” says Gadi Bar-Ner, Chief Business Officer of XTEND. “As a groundbreaking company in our field, we are constantly working on new developments, together with carefully-selected partners, in order to continue bringing our customers advanced systems for mission completion, while fully maintaining the protected of forces in the field.”

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