The Armed Forces and Public Safety and Inspection Agencies ended on Saturday (June 4th) the operation to combat trans-border and environmental crimes in São Paulo (SP) and Paraná (PR)

Air Force Agency – Major Oliveira Lima

Operation Ágata Arco Sul – Sudeste 2022 took place from May 24 to June 4, with the intensification of patrolling, control and monitoring actions in the borderlands, waterways and maritime areas of the states of São Paulo (SP) and Paraná (PR). In an interagency work environment, the Ágata Operation is part of the Program for Integrated Border Protection (PPIF), whose objectives are the integration and articulation of actions of the Armed Forces, public security and inspection agencies of the Union, states and municipalities, located on the border strip and the sea coast, strengthening the measures for control, inspection, and repression of cross-border and environmental crimes.

The sum of the capabilities of the Brazilian Navy (MB), Brazilian Army (EB), Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and other agencies that participated in the Operation was an important task force for the reduction of transnational crimes, resulting in excellent numbers of seizures and fines against agricultural and environmental crimes.

2022 Edition

In this edition, the operation had 2,500 members, including military personnel and agents involved in preventive and repressive actions, such as road blockade and control posts (urban and rural roads), patrol and inspection of vessels in the rivers and maritime area, and aerial monitoring of the operation area.

Besides the repressive actions, Civic and Social Action (ACISO) activities were carried out with the local population, such as support in the maintenance of public school facilities in the region, and a visit to the Marine Corps’ operational facilities in the city of Santa Terezinha do Itaipu (PR), a visit by indigenous people from the Guarani Tribe and a group of Templar Trailblazers from the 15th Motorized Infantry Company, in Guaíra (PR), and the availability of a direct communication channel, with the objective of bringing society’s demands closer to the members of the Operation.


Operation Agate Arco Sul – Sudeste 2022 ends its activities with a total balance of R$ 83.4 million in illicit drugs, with 1.2 tons of drugs (cocaine and marijuana) seized, 1.74 thousand packages of smuggled cigarettes, 22 arrests, and R$ 24.2 million in fines and smuggled materials. This delivery to the Brazilian society culminated in a perception of increased security and state presence for 97% of respondents.

Role of the FAB

The Brazilian Air Force participated in the Operation with Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (IVR), Logistical Air Transport (TAL) actions, among others, using more than 100 flight hours, with the A-1M, KC-390 Millennium, R-99, C-105 Amazonas, P-3AM Orion , RQ-900, E-99, H-60, P-95M Bandeirulha and A-29 Super Tucano in the prevention and repression of the crimes of smuggling, embezzlement and drug trafficking, as well as illegal mineral exploration and mining, practiced in the border strip.

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