V COMAR and Canoas Air Base pay posthumous tribute to Major Edson LuizV COMAR and Canoas Air Base pay posthumous tribute to Major Edson Luiz

The ceremony honored the military who went missing after combat air training in Lagoa dos Patos, in 1982

Air Force Agency – V COMAR, by Tenente Letícia and Major Oliveira Lima

On Wednesday morning (October 26), at the Canoas Air Base (BACO), a military ceremony was held in honor of Airplane Major Edson Luiz Chiappetta Macedo. On July 28, 1982, the military pilot was flying an F-5 fighter jet, which disappeared while a simulated air combat was taking place in the training area over the Patos Lagoon.

The ceremony was presided over by the Commander of the Fifth Regional Air Command (V COMAR), Air Major Brigadier Marcelo Fornasiari Rivero, accompanied by the Commander of the Canoas Air Base, Aviator Colonel Marcelo Zampier Bussmann and the Commander of the Pampa Squadron, Aviator Lieutenant Colonel Davi de Abreu. Present at the ceremony were the pilot’s sister, Maria de Fátima Macedo, family members, friends and classmates from the year 1970.

Also present at the event were institutions and people who helped the Brazilian Air Force during the wreckage rescue. Representing the Brazilian Navy were the Port Captain of Porto Alegre, Sea and War Captain Átrio de Oliveira Cruz, and the Commander of the Southern Naval Patrol Group, Frigate Captain Marcelo Rey de Lima. The Rio Grande do Sul Fire Department was represented by the Sub-Commander of the 8th Military Firefighter Battalion, Major Daniel Borges Moreno, and the Rio Grande do Sul Fire Department’s Special Search and Rescue Company was represented by Major Luiz Gustavo da Silva Lock and Captain Catia Cilene Silveira Gonçalves. Besides them, the tribute was attended by the civilian pilot and sailor, Cristian Yanzer de Lima.

During the ceremony, Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Silvio D’Ávila, classmate of Major Edson Luiz, recalled his friend’s personality: “Edson was more than an Aviator, a classmate, a good friend, because he was kind, loyal, solidary, and many other qualities. Time passes and, even after 40 years, we don’t erase him from our memory,” he said.

During the rite, a Brazilian flag was handed to the family members, as a demonstration of gratitude for the dedication and commitment of the military man when he served the homeland. In the words of the honored man’s sister, Maria de Fátima Macedo, thanking him would not be enough for the homage paid. “It was a moment that will be forever etched in my memory and that of my entire family. We appreciate the affection, the respect, and the recognition that the Brazilian Air Force had with my brother,” she said.

Who was Chiappetta

Major Airman Edson Luiz Chiappetta Macedo was born on April 04, 1954, in Lavras do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul (RS). He joined the Brazilian Air Force on March 02, 1970 and was declared Auxiliary Air Officer on December 10, 1976. After training as a fighter pilot, he joined the Pampa Squadron in 1982, coming from the First Squadron of the Fourth Aviation Group (1º/4th GAV) – Pacau Squadron, based in Fortaleza (CE).

On July 28, 1982, the F-5E fighter, with registration number FAB 4831, piloted by then Flight Lieutenant Edson Luiz Chiapetta Macedo disappeared while carrying out a simulated air combat against another F-5E, both stationed at the Canoas Air Base (BACO), in the training area over the Patos Lagoon. Despite the search, no trace of the supersonic jet or the pilot had ever been found. Years after the accident, the missing pilot was promoted post mortem to the rank of Major, i.e., a promotion intended to express military recognition of a man killed in the line of duty or as a result of it. The FAB, in coordination with the Brazilian Navy and the Rio Grande do Sul State Fire Department, conducted searches in Lagoa dos Patos (RS), from September 7th to 10th, where wreckage identified as the F5E Tiger II fighter jet that disappeared 40 years ago was found.

Considered missing at the time of the occurrence, Lieutenant Edson Luiz was an example of self-denial and commitment to the FAB, and was promoted to the rank of Major “post mortem” by the then President of the Republic, João Figueiredo, in December 1982, in recognition of his valuable work in the ranks of the FAB and Fighter Aviation.

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