United States accuses UN of giving in to Russia's threats over Iranian drone surveillanceUnited States accuses UN of giving in to Russia's threats over Iranian drone surveillance

The American and European governments claim that drones used by Russia in the war against Ukraine are from Iran and demand that the UN send officials to inspect the weaponry

The United States has accused United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of “giving in to Russia’s threats” by not sending officials to oversee drones used by the country in the war against Ukraine. The U.S. government and allies claim that the weaponry is being supplied by Iran. 

Russia has denied that its troops are using Iranian drones in Ukraine and said there is no justification for UN officials to be sent to Kyiv to investigate the source of the equipment. Iran, meanwhile, has admitted that it has made drones available to the Russians, but that the deployment occurred before the country invaded Ukraine in February.

France, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, the United States and Ukraine say Iran’s provision of drones to Russia violates a 2015 UN Security Council resolution legitimizing Iranian nuclear weapons. The countries want Antonio Guterres to send officials to Kyiv to investigate the case. 

André Lajst, a political scientist specializing in the Middle East and executive president of StandWithUs Brazil, explains that Iran has proven to be one of Russia’s main supporters in the war against Ukraine and that with Putin’s escalating threats regarding the use of nuclear weapons, the actions taken by both countries cannot be ignored.

“Iran’s sending of drones to Russia represents clear support for the war and the nuclear threat speech that the Russian government has been making in recent months. This alliance of Iran with Russia puts at risk not only its neighboring countries, but the entire planet,” Lajst reported.

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