Two new terrorist attacks occurred on Monday (13) in JerusalemTwo new terrorist attacks occurred on Monday (13) in Jerusalem

Two Palestinian teenagers, one 14 and the other 13, were the perpetrators of terrorist attacks that left two people injured

A 17-year-old Israeli teenager was stabbed in the back while walking near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon (13). The assault was committed by a 14-year-old Palestinian teenager. The assailant fled to the Temple Mount, where he was arrested. The knife used was found near the gates of the site. The victim had minor injuries and was taken to Hadassah Hospital.

Hours after the attack, a police officer was stabbed by a 13-year-old youth. According to a police spokesman, the assault was committed after the Border Police officer got on a bus to do a routine inspection, along with another civilian security guard. The teenager then stood up and stabbed the officer. The civilian security guard opened fire on the stabber inside the bus, but accidentally hit the border police officer, who eventually died from his injuries. The teenager was detained and was not hit by the shot.

Sergeant Asil Sawaed, a Border Police officer, was one of the victims of Monday’s bombings. His death was mourned by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: Prime Minister of Israel/Twitter)

According to the police, both assaults were terrorist attacks against the people of Israel. The two teenagers reside in the eastern part of Jerusalem in a refugee camp.

The attack came three days after another terrorist attack, which killed three people – two brothers aged six and eight and a 20-year-old man – and wounded four others, when a car rammed into pedestrians at a bus stop in the Ramot neighborhood last Friday (10). Both attacks come at a time of escalating tensions between the Palestinian and Israeli population in the Gaza Strip.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said that he has instructed the police to prepare for a major operation in East Jerusalem, starting on Sunday, following the Friday (10) attack. However, government officials said that he does not have the authority to carry out the mission.

According to André Lajst, a political scientist specializing in the Middle East and executive president of StandWithUs Brazil, the cases are a reflection of Palestinian education. “These teenagers live under an authoritarian regime and are taught to hate Jews. They learn that the State of Israel does not exist and that the Israeli people are their enemy. As long as we do not fight antisemitism and terrorism in Israel and in the world, it will be very difficult to move towards peace,” Lajst said.

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