Trailer with drones to map affected areas in RS is transported by FABTrailer with drones to map affected areas in RS is transported by FAB

FAB transports more than 17 tons of medicines and hospital supplies to Rio Grande do Sul

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Myrea Calazans And Lieutenant Marize Torres

On Saturday morning (May 25), at 8:30 am, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) transported a trailer with drones that will map and monitor the areas affected by the floods in Rio Grande do Sul. The equipment from the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), which will support Civil Defense activities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, was taken by the KC-390 Millenium aircraft, which departed from Brasília Air Base to Canoas Air Base.

The Head of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Center, Mariana da Costa, explains the importance of the infrastructure, which will serve as accommodation for the pilots involved in this type of operation. According to her, the equipment has two bedrooms, a bathroom and shower, kitchen, TV, air conditioning and internet access. “Bringing the trailer via the FAB was fundamental, as it will speed up the activities a little, because by land it would take a few days and time is crucial for starting operations,” she said.

FAB transports more than 17 tons of medicines and hospital supplies to Rio Grande do Sul

To help meet the challenges facing public health in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which was hit hard by the worst flood ever recorded in its history. It was with this aim in mind that the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), through the Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE), transported more than 17 tons of medicines and hospital supplies from São Paulo Air Base (BASP) to Canoas Air Base (BACO) on Friday (24/05)

The mission was the responsibility of the First Troop Transportation Group (1st GTT) – Zeus Squadron, which used two KC-390 Millennium aircraft. “We’re operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Brasilia and Guarulhos, trying to bring in as much material as possible to help the people of Rio Grande do Sul,” said the aircraft’s commander, Captain Vinicius do Monte Saldanha.

The material was donated by private pharmaceutical companies such as Eurofarma, Albert Einstein and Sandoz. The supplies have the main function of assisting in the treatment of respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin infectious diseases (leptospirosis) and chronic cardiovascular diseases (such as hypertension), meeting the urgent health needs of the municipalities affected by the flood. As for hospital supplies, bags of saline solution, syringes, gauze pads, gloves, aprons, caps and masks were transported.

Next steps

At BACO, the medicines and hospital supplies will go through a thorough sorting process. Afterwards, part of it will be sent to the State Secretariat, which will distribute it to the city’s hospitals and the Campaign Hospitals (HCAMP). The other part goes to other affected regions. “The medicines are sent to a distribution center in Porto Alegre and there they go to people who use continuous medication and have lost everything. So they go there to get their medication free of charge. In addition, some supplies are also sent to some shelters,” explained the logistics representative of the Taquari 2 Joint Command, Pharmaceutical Lieutenant Patrícia Donini Rodrigues.

All United for the South

The FAB has been working on several fronts to support the flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul. The actions began on April 30, with rescues of stranded people, and extend to health care, transportation of rescue teams and materials, a campaign to collect donations, coordination of air resources and others.

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