South American countries carry out largest multinational riverine operationSouth American countries carry out largest multinational riverine operation

Actions take place on the Paraguay-Paraná waterway with the participation of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia

By First-Lieutenant (RM2-T) Melina Isquierdo – Ladário, MS

“Acrux X”, the largest multinational riverine operation, takes place on the Paraguay-Paraná waterway, with the participation of the Navies of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Bolivia and Paraguay are present as observers. The operation is scheduled to end on September 16. Since the beginning of the mission, on July 31, the ships have been traveling along the Paraguay River with presence actions in Asunción, Paraguay; Rosario and Corrientes, Argentina; and Fray Bentos, Uruguay.

“The purpose of the operation, which takes place every two years, is to train the military of the Navies involved in carrying out a combined riverine operation, to allow the strengthening of ties of friendship with neighboring countries and interoperability among the participating Navies,” explained the Commander of the Mato Grosso Flotilla, Sea and War Captain Guilherme José de Aguiar Araújo.

In the region of the Uruguayan city of Fray Bentos, the operation had 450 military personnel distributed among the naval and aerial resources of the MB, two ships and two boats from the Argentinean Navy, two ships and aircraft from the Uruguayan Navy, and detachments of Uruguayan and Argentinean Marines.

The detachment of Marines of the MB conducted a riverine assault in the vicinity of Fray Bentos. The action, in conjunction with the Marine Infantry of the Argentine Navy, resulted in the retaking of the land as originally planned. During the exercise, the ships of ComFlotMT remained in support of the actions and acted as a river combat base. River Traffic Control, Aeromedical Evacuation, and Special Operations actions were also developed during the operation.

The Brazilian Navy (MB) is participating in this tenth edition, with 192 military personnel and with the Monitor Ship “Parnaíba” and the Fluvial Logistical Support Ship “Potengi”, subordinated to the Mato Grosso Flotilla Command (ComFlotMT), an aircraft from the 1st General Employment Helicopter Squadron of the West, and a detachment of Marines from the 3rd Marine Operations Battalion.

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