The company is presenting its optronic equipment and thermal and night vision sights

Between October 25 and 27, the Safran group will be taking part in COP International, an important Latin American event on Public Security. The company will be taking its main products to the event.

Civil society, security agents, authorities and national and international companies in the sector will be meeting for the first time in São Paulo and will have the opportunity to exchange experiences on the latest in security and defense.

The Safran group holds a leading position in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors and is considered one of the most important global players in these segments.

In Brazil, the Armed Forces and Public Security organizations have relied on Safran Eletrônica & Defesa Brasil (SEDB), Safran Helicopter Engines Brazil, Safran Cabin and Safran Aeronautic for over 40 years.

Safran Eletrônica & Defesa Brasil, located in São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo, is a subsidiary of Safran Eletronics & Defense, based in France.

Among the many innovations developed by the group, one of the highlights that can be seen at COP International is the line of on-board optronics and portable thermal and night vision optronics. Thermal vision sensors use infrared to detect heat and generate images, while night vision sensors use residual light to magnify and visualize the scene.


JIM’s portable thermal optronics are present in strategic projects in Brazil. The company has already made dozens of pieces of equipment available for the SISFRON program (Brazil’s Integrated Border Monitoring System) with the supply of JIM LR (Long Range) and JIM UC (UnCooled infrared) portable multifunctional optronic binoculars with remote control system, becoming a key player for the Armed Forces and Security Forces.

Always in search of high technology, the Safran group is tireless in improving its products. As the successor to the best-selling JIM LR, the lightweight (up to 12 km) JIM Compact multifunctional thermal binocular offers even more advanced capabilities. Weighing less than 2 kg, it offers operators the best performance-to-weight ratio of any device in its class.

JIM Compact is designed for the missions of the armed forces and security services. Intuitive, rugged and modular, the device provides the solutions needed to enhance the operator’s situational awareness at all times, based on optimal day and night vision. In addition, it integrates advanced features such as a see-spot function, real-time photo and video recording and streaming, channel fusion and new applications for long-range fires, close air support and artillery.


The Moskito TI monocular, a multifunctional medium-range thermal system with a detection range of 4km to 7km, will also be demonstrated at the COP. This solution is an intermediate technology to what is available on the market, but is not yet being used in Brazil. “This product is yet another equipment option with the aim of optimizing and improving the work of the security forces. Safran Eletronics & Defense’s commitment is to always invest in R&D, and we at Safran Eletrônica & Defesa Brasil are working hard and seriously to ensure that the solutions can best serve the needs of each action in the field, reinforcing the country’s sovereignty in the area of security,” said SEDB’s CEO, David Montmasson.


In the line of equipment for the Navy, Safran will be exhibiting a mock-up of the VIGY HD, a multifunctional long-range on-board infrared camera used on fast vessels. The equipment can be used for protection missions – Vigy Engage – and surveillance – Vigy Observer.

The VIGY HD performs surveillance, detection and target designation tasks for small arms up to 40mm. Thanks to its high-performance cooled thermal imager, it is ideally suited for use in long- and medium-range observations. Compact, lightweight (less than 25 kg), with cooled infrared
camera for effective day and night vision, it can be installed on a variety of naval platforms.


Throughout its history, the Safran group has established partnerships with important companies in the sector all over the world. Safran Eletrônica & Defesa Brasil (SEDB) and Theon Sensors are benchmarks in Brazil for the production of portable night vision optronics. The products are used by the majority of the Brazilian Military Police, Federal Police and Armed Forces.

Among the solutions are the ARGUS FS, an advanced portable multipurpose monocular; the NYX, a cutting-edge double-tube binocular; and the DAMON clip-on, an accessory that can be attached to the shooter’s scope for operations in low-light environments.

SEDB already has more than 1,000 OVN units (night vision monoculars and binoculars) distributed in Brazil, providing all the necessary support and technical assistance for operators, with training and manuals, as well as equipment maintenance operations at its factory.

“We are about to complete 11 years in Brazil and this history is synonymous with pride for Safran Eletrônica & Defesa Brasil. Our equipment is part of the country’s most important strategic security projects, which encourages us to continue working with competence and intelligence, bringing cutting-edge technology to the Armed Forces and Public Security Forces,” said David Montmasson, CEO of Safran Eletrônica e Defesa Brasil.

COP International

COP INTERNATIONAL 2023 is in its 3rd edition and for the first time will be held in São Paulo. It is considered one of the largest Latin American events on Public Security with the aim of integrating Civil Society, Agents, Authorities and national and international companies in the sector.

COP International will take place from October 25 to 27 at the São Paulo Expo. Safran is at stand A-29.

About Safran

Based in France, Safran is an international high-tech group operating in the Aviation (propulsion, equipment and interiors), Defense and Space markets. It is present in 27 countries and closed last year with almost US$ 21 billion in sales.

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