Protecta is at the XI Symposium of Military Material Officers of the Military Police of BrazilProtecta is at the XI Symposium of Military Material Officers of the Military Police of Brazil

As well as sponsoring the event, the company is bringing knowledge to a lecture on technology and security

Protecta Defesa & Segurança is one of the sponsors of the XI Symposium of Military Material Officers of the Brazilian Military Police. The event takes place until Friday (November 17) in Belém, Pará. As well as bringing its portfolio of ballistic vests and shields, the company will give a talk on “Technology & Security”.
The XI Symposium brings together representatives of the military police of the 26 states, as well as the Federal District; the Brazilian Army through the General Inspectorate of Military Police (IGPM) and the Land Operations Command (COTER); manufacturers; suppliers and guests. The event is organized by the Pará State Military Police and the state government.
As one of the objectives is to update and encourage scientific production, lectures and thematic chambers are scheduled throughout the day, covering topics such as firearms, police personal protective equipment, operational ammunition, certification of military equipment, among others.
Protecta’s commercial coordinator, Leonardo Benício Pinheiro, will give a talk on “Technology & Security”. The presentation will take place on Thursday 16th at 11am at the Hangar. “We’re going to talk about how these two pillars of Technology and Security are important and connect to guarantee the individual protection of the professionals responsible for our security and who are on the streets every day. And this is Protecta’s focus: producing with high technology so that the products are suitable for any need,” said Leonardo Benício.

Protecta is bringing ballistic vests to the symposium in ostensible, tactical and concealed models, as well as shields, panels, automotive armor and air bags. Some of the material is being demonstrated at stand 12B. With 100% national and verticalized production, Protecta products are present in various Military Police and other corporations throughout Brazil.

In addition to the commercial coordinator, the Product Engineering Manager, Italo Atylla Farias, and the Project Manager, Vinícius Pereira Matos, are also present.

“Our products are certified and developed with the utmost rigor to ensure total user protection. We take the constant search for technology very seriously, investing in R&D to produce 100% efficient equipment with cutting-edge technology for both public corporations and the private sector. This is only possible with a trained team focused on saving lives,” said Victor Gallo, CEO of Protecta.

Note: In Brazil – In Brazil, the State Military Police are the 27 public security forces whose function is to police and preserve public order, through the activity of ostensive policing, a function expanded by the Federal Constitution of 1988, surpassing the previous one with ostensive policing, within the scope of the states and the Federal District. They are administratively subordinate to the governors, are auxiliary and reserve forces of the Brazilian Army, and are part of the country’s public security system, reporting to the State Secretariats for Public Security at an operational level. They are funded by each member state and, in the case of the Federal District, by the Federal Government. The name “Military Police” was only standardized in 1946 under the Getúlio Vargas regime, with the new 1946 Constitution after the Estado Novo dictatorship (1937-1945). All federal units adopted the term, with the exception of Rio Grande do Sul, which to this day retains the name Brigada Militar for its police force.

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