Patrol ship "Gurupi" arrives in the port of Santos to reinforce "GLO at sea" actionsPatrol ship "Gurupi" arrives in the port of Santos to reinforce "GLO at sea" actions

On the crossing, the ship received three men rescued adrift off the coast of Rio de Janeiro

By First Lieutenant (RM2-T) Vanessa Mendonça – Santos – SP

The Law and Order (GLO) actions undertaken by the Brazilian Navy (MB) off the coast of São Paulo were reinforced by the patrol ship “Gurupi”, which arrived at the Port of Santos this afternoon (14) to support patrols and inspections of vessels in the region.

While sailing, the ship was called out on an emergency basis to rescue three sailors, who were brought to the São Paulo Port Captaincy pier for medical attention.

The three men had been adrift for three days in an aluminum dinghy near Ilha Grande, in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro, when they were found yesterday (13) by the merchant ship “Bow Atlantic”, which was on its way to Santos. They were rescued with signs of dehydration and received first aid while still on the merchant ship. The Command of the 8th Naval District was later informed of the rescue and called in the patrol ship “Gurupi”, which brought the sailors to dry land.

According to the Commander of the South-East Naval Patrol Group, Frigate Captain Carlos Eduardo, the coordinated work in the search and rescue operations was essential to the success of the mission. “A special thank you to the captain of the merchant ship for his proactivity, for valuing the safeguarding of human life at sea, and also to the Pilotage here in São Paulo, which provided the transfer of the shipwrecked merchant ship to the Gurupi Patrol Ship, which was on its way to operate here in the region,” he said.

Search and Rescue Service

The Navy’s Search and Rescue Service (SALVAMAR) has the mission of rescuing people in distress in inland waters and in the maritime area under Brazilian responsibility. MB military personnel, members of SALVAMAR, are always prepared and strategically positioned, 24 hours a day, to provide assistance, answering calls for help from communications systems and the 185 telephone number. SALVAMAR has rescue ships, and can also make use of all other Navy ships, aircraft and divers, as well as vessels from private entities, government agencies and companies, activated by a maritime mutual aid structure related to the responsibility of safeguarding human life at sea and on inland waterways.

NAVSEG app contributes to navigation safety

NAVSEG is an app developed by the Navy, available free of charge on the Android and IOS platforms, which allows the navigator to inform the voyage plan and MB to monitor the vessel’s route in real time, following its movements from departure to arrival at the destination. With this functionality, NAVSEG contributes significantly to safeguarding human life, minimizing risks and providing essential information for MB to provide timely assistance in cases of need.

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias

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