Operation Shield employs anti-aircraft defense in EXCON Shield-Tinia 2022Operation Shield employs anti-aircraft defense in EXCON Shield-Tinia 2022

Focused on training the country’s anti-aircraft in a simulated war scenario, several anti-aircraft artillery fractions were employed in the training, on land in the cities of Santana da Boa Vista and Caçapava do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul (RS)

Air Force Agency, Lieutenant Wanessa Liz and Major Oliveira Lima

During the Joint Exercise (EXCON) Shield-Tinia 2022, which the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has been conducting in Rio Grande do Sul (RS) since November 7, the Air Defense mission training took place. The training involves aircraft and missiles for defense of sensitive surface points and areas, land or naval forces, interdiction of conditioned airspace, or in a combat zone. Air Defense is also important in a country’s defense strategy. Such a system requires full integration with various command and control systems and constant training due to its peculiarities and complexity.

Its operation must be possible during day or night, in clear or cloudy atmosphere. In this scenario created by FAB, in which the Brazilian Navy (MB) and the Brazilian Army (EB) work together, the Air Defense, Enemy Air Defense Suppression and Airspace Surveillance and Control Actions were coordinated.

With the focus on training the country’s anti-aircraft in a simulated war scenario, several anti-aircraft artillery fractions were employed in the training, in terrain in the cities of Santana da Boa Vista and Caçapava do Sul (RS).

Strategic Performance

The commander of the First Air Defense Group (1º GDAAE) of FAB, Infantry Lieutenant-Colonel Leonardo Schiller Cechin, explained how the Armed Forces acted. “The participation of the Forces in Santana da Boa Vista occurred jointly between the Navy and Air Force. So there is great interoperability between the military personnel of the MB and FAB who were trained during this phase of the exercise, in order to be able to reap good results in relation to Air Defense activities against aircraft that made incursions in the region. With this, it was possible to make a doctrinal exchange between the Forces, as well as an exchange with our Air Units, which are employing and harvesting fruits for the next mission,” he concluded.

The commander of the Third Air Defense Group (3rd GDAAE), Infantry Lieutenant-Colonel Leonardo dos Santos Vieira, spoke about the defense mission in the simulated war. “During the exercise, we were able to simulate all the jobs that would be done in the real war, with the exception of the launching of the anti-aircraft missile, from the detection of the threat by our sensors, either radars or surveillance points with military personnel. We go through the entire chain of command and control, starting with the designation of whether the engagement will be by Air or Air Defense. Once the threat is defined for Air Defense, a firing unit is assigned to the position, at the end of the line, where the commander and a gunner execute the procedure to launch the missile and neutralize the threat,” he explained.

Support needed

In the skies, the aircraft with their operationalities; on the ground, the Intendence Units organize and prepare the terrain, such as the supply and installation of electricity, sanitation, water, and equipment maintenance. These are some of the support activities necessary for the military to be in a position to carry out their activities with comfort and quality.

The Commander of the Mobile Support Squad (MAS), Major Intendant Rafael Freitas de Lima, from the First Air Defense Brigade (1st BDAAE), talks about the logistical functions and the troop’s well-being. “We believe that quality support, based on comfort, as well as differentiated food, will result in greater productivity of the supported, minimizing stress in combat and, consequently, increasing their performance,” he concluded.

Photos: Sergeant Müller Marin/ CECOMSAER and Brazilian Army (EB) – Video: Sergeant Neris / CECOMSAER
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