Riverine Operations exercise reinforces the expeditionary capacity of the Fleet Marine Force

The Riverine Operations Training (AdestOpRib) conducted by the Brazilian Navy (MB) in the Furnas region, in Minas Gerais, ended today. More than 700 military personnel have been gathered there for a week with the objective of maintaining the ready-use condition and the expeditionary capacity, besides reinforcing the presence in the state.

The importance of the exercise for the Navy and especially for the Fleet Marine Force is due to the fact that it is an extensive area with peculiarities of the riverine environment, which provides the troops with a very specific training, as stated by the Commander of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Marcos Sampaio Olsen, during the press conference held there. “It is a task that exercises the arm of the Fleet Marine Force to a good extent. Whether in transportation, supply, health service, or police, all of this in an integrated manner,” he emphasizes.

The presence of the MB in the region has a strategic importance, according to the Mayor of Capitólio, Cristiano Geraldo da Silva. “Since the Navy came to the Furnas Lake region, it brought more credibility and professionalism to our main sector, which is tourism, and more security to the tourists who come from all parts of the country.

On May 16, an Operational Demonstration was held, with the presentation of two Crawler Amphibious Wagons (CLAnf), two AF-1 fighters, two UH-15 “Super Cougar” helicopters, troop transport boats and speedboats from the Furnas Fluvial Station. The event was open to the press and public, and was attended by the mayors of São José da Barra, Passos and Guapé. Luís Henrique, a businessman who went there with his family, said he enjoyed the experience of watching a military exercise from so close. “It was the first time I saw a presentation like this, I felt inside the operation, it was incredible. Even more because I brought my son, who was delighted and could see a little about the Navy’s capabilities.

Upcoming operations

The Commander of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Olsen, highlighted that the next operations and exercises planned will be Operation “Aderex”, Operation “Ágata South-Southeast” and the northern region, in addition to Operation “Unitas”. “In the second semester, we have several operations, either singular – restricted to the Navy itself – or joint operations with the Brazilian Army and Air Force, always seeking greater integration among the Forces, that is, greater interoperability,” he highlighted.

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Translated by Defconpress Por Agência Marinha de Notícias – Furnas, MG

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