Operation brought together Brazil, Colombia and Peru in 35 days of exercises to protect the triple border in the AmazonOperation brought together Brazil, Colombia and Peru in 35 days of exercises to protect the triple border in the Amazon

Brazilian Navy ships arrive today (10) in Manaus (AM)

By Lieutenant-Captain (RM2-T) Gisleine Assunção Alves – Codajás, Amazonas

BraColPer is an operation conducted by the Navies of Brazil, Colombia and Peru, since 1974, to conduct tactical exercises aimed at protecting the triple border and deepen mutual trust and interoperability among the participating Navies.

“Every year, we travel about 5 thousand kilometers along the Maranõn, Negro, and Solimões rivers, conducting naval tactical exercises aimed at riverine operations, emphasizing command, control, and communications,” said the Commander of the 9th Naval District, Vice Admiral Thadeu Marcos Orosco Coelho Lobo.

The Fluvial Patrol Ships “Raposo Tavares” and “Rondônia” and the Hospital Assistance Ship “Oswaldo Cruz” arrived today (10), in Manaus (AM), after participating in the Naval Operation. Altogether, 35 days of operations were carried out in the Amazon, especially in the city of Iquitos, Peru, on the occasion of the celebrations of Peru’s 201st anniversary of Independence.

The operation was divided into three phases and involved more than 400 military personnel. Phases I and II were carried out on the Marañon River – the Peruvian Solimoes River – between the cities of Leticia (Colombia) and Iquitos (Peru), during the periods that coincide with the dates of the Independence of these countries, commemorated on July 20th and 28th, respectively. As in previous years, phase III, held in the state of Amazonas, will take place on the Solimões and Negro Rivers, in the month of September, precisely on the occasion of the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s Independence.

“Operation BraColPer Naval 2022 contributes to the strengthening of our close ties of friendship, the sharing of information and experiences. The joint exercises and mutual cooperation have presented considerable results for the defense of the triple border, contributing to the security and development of the Amazon,” stated Admiral Lobo.

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