Operation Ágata Oeste: seizures and fines from the Naval Force Component add up to R$4 millionOperation Ágata Oeste: seizures and fines from the Naval Force Component add up to R$4 million

Joint actions with public security and inspection agencies come to an end after 10 days

Agência Marinha do Brasil de Notícias – Ladário, MS

After 10 days, the Ágata Oeste Joint Operation, conducted by the Ministry of Defense and carried out by the Brazilian Navy (MB), Brazilian Army (EB) and Brazilian Air Force (FAB), with the participation of several federal and state public security and inspection agencies, has come to an end. The actions of the Western Joint Command were conducted by the Western Military Command.

From July 18 to 27, the MB operated with the use of the Monitor Parnaíba, the Transport Ship “Paraguassu,” the Fluvial Logistical Support Ship “Potengi,” the Fluvial Transport Ship “Almirante Leverger,” the Patrol Ships “Penedo” and “Poti,” six Riverine Operations boats, seven rigid-hulled vessels, two support boats, two aircraft, and 534 military personnel. The ships covered a total of 3,754 km on the Guaporé, Paraguay and Paraná rivers, in the states of Mato Grosso (MT), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS) and Paraná (PR), in Patrol, Patrol and Naval Inspection activities.

A total of 533 vessels were inspected, 64 were notified, and 11 were seized. On land, Marines traveled 3,992 km for roadblocking and control actions, using war dogs, resulting in 636 vehicles inspected.
Together with the OSPF, 1,100 kg of marijuana were seized, as well as 1,210 kg of meat unfit for consumption, smuggled goods such as cigarettes and electronics, and illegal fishing notifications were issued, totaling about R$ 4 million in fines and seized materials.

In the Japorã-MS municipality, on the border with Paraguay, military personnel from the Combat Diver Detachment, with support from the Federal Police, the Military Police-MS, and the Border Department (DOF), neutralized a clandestine port used for international drug and weapons trafficking.

“We consider that the purposes of the Operation were fully achieved. Our military and resources worked together with the security agencies, including personnel on board the ships, adding efforts to increase the sense of security of the population of the region. This type of cooperation enables the exchange of knowledge and the strengthening of actions on behalf of society,” said the Commander of the Naval Component Force, Vice-Admiral Paulo César Bittencourt Ferreira.

The actions counted with the participation of members of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Federal Police, Federal Highway Police, Internal Revenue Service, Civil Police, Military Police, Environmental Military Police, State Agencies of Animal and Plant Health Defense, and Border Crimes Suppression Units.

Hospital Assistance Actions

As part of the actions of the Ágata Oeste Joint Operation, the Hospital Care Ship (NAsH) “Tenente Maximiano” conducted, from July 21 to 24, medical and dental care in Porto Murtinho, in the south of MS, on the border with Paraguay. With the support of military personnel from EB and FAB, embarked on the ship, the medical team performed 408 medical and 720 dental procedures, and distributed 62 dental kits to the population.

During the period, health military personnel visited the “Lar dos Idosos – São Vicente de Paula” nursing home and the Casa Lar, a Shelter for Children and Adolescents Institutional Shelter.

“In addition to these services, the ship provided the population of Porto Murtinho and the region with information on the prevention of regional diseases and oral health,” said the commander of the NAsH “Lieutenant Maximiano”, Captain Lieutenant Eduardo Pontual Dubeux.

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