The action is part of a joint operation against crimes in the states of São Paulo (SP) and Paraná (PR)

Agência Marinha de Notícias – Brasília, DF

On Tuesday (05/31), an action within Operation Ágata Arco Sul Sudeste resulted in the seizure of about 510 kilos of marijuana during patrols in the municipality of Guaíra (PR), near the Ilha Grande National Park. The drugs were taken to the Federal Police headquarters in the city. The operation involved military personnel from the Brazilian Navy, the Brazilian Army, the Military Police of Paraná, and Federal Police agents.

Since May 24, the Armed Forces together with Public Safety and Inspection Agencies have intensified patrolling, control, and monitoring on the highways, waterways, and maritime areas of the states of São Paulo and Paraná.

The Commander of the 8th Naval District, Vice-Admiral Guilherme da Silva Costa, emphasized the importance of the integrated work. “The interoperability of Navy, Army, and Air Force personnel with other agencies allows for a greater scope in the development of actions like this one, which seek to strengthen the prevention of control measures, inspection, and repression of cross-border and environmental crimes, thus strengthening the State’s presence in the region.

Coordinated by the Navy, the interagency operation employs about 2,500 members, including military personnel and agents, to combat cross-border crimes (smuggling, contraband, and trafficking) in the region.

So far, Operation Ágata has made more than 2,300 seizures, including weapons, boats, ammunition, drugs, cigarette packs, agricultural products, and smuggled electronic equipment. A total of 6 thousand vehicles and 175 vessels have already been inspected.

Inserted in the Integrated Border Protection Program, established by Presidential Decree No. 8,903, of November 16, 2016, the operation has been held annually and in this edition it has a direct communication channel with the population, the Contact Us. The proposal was to increase means to receive society’s demands with the military and agents involved in the actions.

For Nadira, a resident of Foz do Iguaçu (PR), the reinforcement in security brings more tranquility to the region’s citizens. “We feel a little bit safer. It is an extra support and a super important help”.

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