Operation "ADEREX-I/2024" patrols more than 300,000 square kilometers of maritime areaOperation "ADEREX-I/2024" patrols more than 300,000 square kilometers of maritime area

Navy ends military exercises after 22 days of operations

By Agência Marinha de Notícias – Brasília, DF

After 22 days of advanced military exercises, the Brazilian Navy (MB) concluded Operation “ADEREX-I/2024” on Monday (25). During this period, the Force patrolled around 300,000 square kilometers of maritime area between Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Cabedelo (PB), carried out by the Fleet’s flagship, the Multipurpose Aerodrome Ship “Atlântico”; the frigates “Defensora”, “Liberal”, “Independência” and “União”; and the submarine “Riachuelo”; as well as Seahawk (SH-16), Super Cougar (UH-15), Wild Lynx (AH-11B) and Esquilo (UH-12) aircraft.

As the Commander of the ADEREX-I/2024 Operation Task Group, Rear Admiral Jorge José de Moraes Rulff, explains, ADEREX contributes to raising the level of training of our Fleet’s naval and air forces. “These exercises allow our ships to operate effectively in the Blue Amazon, an area of around 5.7 million square kilometers that belongs to Brazilians and needs to be constantly patrolled.”

Various exercises were conducted, such as transit with surface and submarine opposition, light cargo transfer, air operations, among others.

Presence action in the Campos Basin

During the operation, the frigates “Liberal”, “Independência” and “União” were present in the Campos Basin. The military carried out interrogations (checking compliance with laws and regulations) and inspected maritime traffic near oil platforms.

Covering some 100,000 square kilometers, the Campos Basin stretches from the north coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro to the south of the state of Espírito Santo. It is the main sedimentary basin explored off the coast of the country, from where deep and ultra-deep water oil can be extracted in the pre-salt. Considered the largest field ever discovered in Brazil, the Campos Basin pre-salt has an estimated reserve of between 6 and 8 billion barrels of oil.


Aboard the “Liberal” frigate, six students from the Espírito Santo School of Apprentice Seamen (EAMES), who have excelled in school activities and in the school’s naval military training, also took part in the operation.

This experience provided the Apprentice Sailors with practical observation of operations carried out at sea, immersion in naval culture and interaction with the crew. They also flew in the Wild Lynx (AH-11B) aircraft, embarked on the frigate, and took part in various exercises such as Leap Frog (training in maintaining a position between two ships underway), Light Line (passing cables between ships underway), Light Cargo Transfer, Firefighting and Flooding, Naval Patrol, Operational Breakdowns, Transit under Surface and Submarine Threat, and Tactical Maneuvers, as well as accompanying the surveillance, navigation, ranch, helmsman and telephone operator services.

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