NUNTIUS 2022 Joint Exercise ends in Campo Grande (MS)NUNTIUS 2022 Joint Exercise ends in Campo Grande (MS)

The activity developed theoretical and practical knowledge for planning and employing aircraft in Attack or Close Air Support missions

Air Force Agency – Source: BACG, by Lieutenant Pereira and Major Oliveira Lima

The Joint Exercise Nuntius took place at the Campo Grande Air Base (BACG), from September 12th to October 7th. This exercise is part of the Ministry of Defense Joint Activities Work Plan and includes the certification of Advanced Air Guides of the Single Forces.

The activity developed theoretical and practical knowledge for the planning and employment of aircraft in Attack or Close Air Support missions. At the end of the exercise, 12 military personnel from the three Forces were certified, four from the Brazilian Navy (MB), four from the Brazilian Army (EB) and four from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

The Outstanding Student of the course was Sergeant Rafael Teixeira Nascimento, from the Air Rescue Squadron (EAS) of the FAB. He obtained an outstanding performance in the instructors’ evaluations. “The course was extremely important for the operational training of the military, aiming to support the Approximate Air Support in conflict situations. Pilots were able to see, from their point of view, the whole mechanism of the attack, helping for a better decision making at the moment of guidance. Besides, it allowed an interaction among the three Forces, with knowledge exchange and leveling among the organizations”, he highlighted.

Airman Captain Danyel Costa Barbosa Abdala, from the Third Squadron of the Tenth Aviation Group (3/10th GAV) – Centaur Squadron, reported that besides focusing on the training of new Advanced Air Guide elements, Joint Exercise Nuntius contributes to maintaining the training of the Air Unit’s teams in reactive scenarios. “This training leads us to perform Close Air Support missions in a more efficient way, contributing to the good flow of information between the main links of the mission: the Pilot and the Advanced Air Guide,” he said.

The BACG Commander, Air Brigadier Clauco Fernando Vieira Rossetto, presided over the closing ceremony and praised the importance of training military personnel from the three Singular Forces to be Advanced Air Guides. “It is important to have military personnel with the technical knowledge to act as integrating agents of air-ground power, as well as advisors of the capabilities and limitations of air vectors and their armaments,” concluded the General Officer.

Photos: Private Ríboli and Private Sebalho *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI team ***

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