Nuclear - NUCLEP Concluiu Entrega de novos Equipamentos para o Protótipo do Submarino de Propulsãao Nuclear BrasileiroNuclear - NUCLEP Concluiu Entrega de novos Equipamentos para o Protótipo do Submarino de Propulsãao Nuclear Brasileiro

Gerência Geral de Comunicação da NUCLEP / DefesaNet

NUCLEP concluded, on July 1, 2022, the delivery to the Directorate of Nuclear and Technological Development of the Navy (DDNM) and the Navy Technology Center in São Paulo (CTMSP) of the supply of new strategic equipment for the on-shore and full-scale prototype of the country’s first Nuclear Propulsion Submarine.

The company is responsible for manufacturing Block 40 of the Nuclear Power Generation Laboratory (LABGENE), and this equipment, from the nuclear part of the SN-BR submarine, is essential for safety during reactor operation, since it has the function of cooling in emergency situations.

The conclusion of this supply was consolidated on Friday with the delivery of the DATABOOKS of the six vessels of the Emergency Cooling System of Labgene, being 2 (two) heat exchangers (TC1 and TC2), 2 (two) accumulator vessels (VP3 and VP4) and 2 (two) flooding tanks (VP5 and VP6), concluding an important part of the contract with the DDNM/CTMSP, as well as representing the commitment and dedication of the NUCLEP employees involved in the delivery of this Project of the Brazilian Navy.

DATABOOKS dos seis Vasos do Sistema de Resfriamento de Emergência do Labgene

COGESN and NUCLEP meet to discuss the Qualification Session for Brazil’s First Nuclear-powered Submarine

Last Thursday (14), NUCLEP received a delegation of authorities from the Brazilian Navy, led by the General Coordinator of the Nuclear Propulsion Submarine Development Program (COGESN), VA (RM1-EN) Sydney dos Santos Neves and by the Managers of the Modular Undertaking for Procurement of the Naval Industrial Infrastructure of Itaguaí, CA (RM1) Rogério Bastos, and of the Modular Undertaking for Procurement of Submarines, CA (EN) Celso Mizutani Koga.

Received by the president of NUCLEP, CA (RM1) Carlos Henrique Silva Seixas and its Industrial Director, CMG Alexandre Magalhães, the officers discussed the projects planned for the Brazilian Navy’s Submarine Program (PROSUB). “Today’s visit was to establish future partnerships aligned with the Development of Submarines of the Brazilian Navy. NUCLEP is an old partner, working with the Navy since the 80s, we cannot give up this work and experience for our Program,” said VA (RM1) Neves.

For President CA (RM1) Seixas, the visit consolidates the Navy’s trust in NUCLEP. “It is always an honor to receive the Navy, our most important and strategic customer, as is Eletronuclear. We are proud to participate actively in the construction of the first Nuclear Propulsion Submarine in the country, Brazil’s main Defense Program today. The COGESN Admirals came precisely to deal with the beginning of the SN-BR Qualification Session, as well as with the progress of the Program,” reiterated President CA (RM1) Seixas.

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