New Air Defense Identification Zone GuidelinesNew Air Defense Identification Zone Guidelines

By determination of the Federal Government, the document aims to allow the withdrawal of non-indigenous people from regions where illegal mining is practiced

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos

As a result of the first phase of Operation Yanomami Shield, the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira – FAB) begins, on Monday (02/06), the second phase of the operation: the partial opening of airspace in the northern region of the country. Since 12 noon (Brasília time) today, three flight corridors have been created in order to allow the coordinated and spontaneous departure of non-indigenous people from the illegal mining areas by air. The corridors will remain in place until 1am next Monday (February 13).

To comply with the measures, the Amazon Joint Operational Command (Cmdo Op Cj Amz) – which relies on the Brazilian Navy (MB), the Brazilian Army (EB), and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) – through this regulation, determines that aircraft will be allowed to fly as long as they remain within the established lateral and vertical limits.

The new rules were regulated by the FAB by means of NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions), which informs the aviation community about the operation.

The change in the Air Defense Identification Zone (ZIDA) also adds that aircraft taking off from places distant from these corridors must fly perpendicularly until entering one of them, and then continue their flight. The corridors are six nautical miles (NM) wide, which is equivalent to about 11 kilometers.

Aircraft that do not comply with the rules established in the areas determined by the Air Force will be subject to Airspace Policing Measures (APEA).

The Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE) is responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of Air Force Actions focused on the Aerospace Control Task during Operation Yanomami Shield 2023, conducting the necessary aerial means for the identification, coercion or detention of traffic flying in the area of interest.

Operation Yanomami Shield 2023

Presidential Decree No. 11,405/2023, which determines the creation of ZIDA, provides for measures to confront Public Health Emergencies of National Importance and to combat illegal mining in the Amazon Region to be adopted by federal administration agencies.

The Ministry of Defense will provide intelligence data and logistical air transportation for the teams from the Federal Police, Ibama and other federal government agencies and entities that will participate directly in neutralizing aircraft and equipment related to illegal mining.

The access of people to the restricted areas will occur in accordance with the provisions of a joint act issued by the Minister of State of Health and the Minister of State of Indigenous Peoples, with a view to preventing and reducing the risk of transmitting diseases and other illnesses.

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