This is the largest training of Riverine Operations ever carried out in Minas Gerais

More than 700 military personnel from the Brazilian Navy are gathered until May 18, in the region of Furnas (MG), for the Adestamento de Operações Ribeirinhas (AdestOpRib). The main objective of the exercise is to maintain the ready-use condition and the expeditionary capacity of the Marines to operate in all regions of the country, and to reinforce the Navy’s presence in the state.

The choice of the Furnas dam lake for the exercise was strategic, as stated by Sea and War Captain (FN) Max Guilherme de Andrade, Chief of Operations of the Fleet Marine Force. “The region known as ‘Mar de Minas’ has a body of water that is equivalent to four times the volume of water in Guanabara Bay and has a perimeter of 3,500 km, approximately half the length of the Brazilian coast, which enables the training and simulation of various types of exercises in riverine operations with the application of various infiltration techniques,” he adds.

Among the various activities planned for the exercise, the following stand out: riverine landing, CLAnf operations in a river environment, day and night river guidance, crossing techniques, “hellocasting” – a technique in which the crew member jumps from the aircraft into the water -, “tethered duck” – landing from a helicopter in a water environment with a dinghy and all the necessary equipment to carry out a combat mission, diving, operational free-jumping, rappelling, among others. The helicopters operated from an Expeditionary Air Base, activated in Furnas.

Tethered duck exercise with UH-15 Super Cougar aircraft/ credit: 2°SG (FN-IF) Thiago Lima

This is the third time that the Fleet Marine Force is present in the region. Based on the experience of previous years, the area has proven to be excellent for this type of riverine operation, so that by 2022, the size of the operation has been considerably increased to reach the current dimensions.

The training will also include an operational demonstration (DemOp), on the 16th, simulating a full operation, in which some of the main capabilities involved in the training will be presented. The event will be open to authorities, the public, and the press.

The exercise counts on the participation of 13 Military Organizations and several means such as: two Amphibious Caterpillar Cars (CLAnf), two UH-15 “Super Cougar” aircraft, one UH-12 “Esquilo” aircraft, AF-1 Skyhawk fighter planes, 30 vehicles with capacity to carry up to five tons, nine light vehicles and 30 troop transport boats.

UH-15 “Super Cougar” aircraft flying over Furnas Lake / credit: 2°SG (FN-IF) Thiago Lima

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