Message published on the Twitter account General Villas BoasMessage published on the Twitter account General Villas Boas

General Villas Boas published in his Twitter account (@Gen_VillasBoas), at 4:26 PM on 15NOV2022, the following message published below.

The past two weeks have been marked by significant events. The population continues to agglomerate near the doors of the barracks, losing support to the Armed Forces. With incredible persistence, but with an absolutely peaceful spirit, people of all ages, identified with the green and yellow that they proudly wear, protest against the attacks on democracy, the independence of the powers, threats to freedom, and doubts about the electoral process.

The unusual thing about the movements was produced by the indifference of the mainstream press. Perhaps our journalists believe that by ignoring the movement of millions of people they will disappear. They don’t realize that by trying to isolate the demonstrations they may be creating one more factor of dissatisfaction. The totally controlled media in the iron curtain countries did not prevent the fall of the Berlin Wall History teaches that people who fight for freedom will never be defeated.

Concomitantly, the Armed Forces issued two notes: the first, signed by Gen Paulo Sergio, Minister of Defense, brought attached a 65-page report detailing step by step the audit undertaken by the MD’s multidisciplinary team.

Simply put, the essence of the issue is that the act of voting should be private, while the counting should be public and auditable.

Last November 11th, the Commanders of the Navy, Army, and Air Force issued a one-sheet note, sufficient to demonstrate their attachment to military principles and values, as well as to the constitutional text.

Finally, the leadership, equilibrium, serenity, and authority of the current commanders and of the Minister must be highlighted, conditions with which they ensure the discipline and cohesion of their subordinates. Externally, they reinforce the trustworthiness that the population, not by chance, elects as the highest level in the country.

General Villas Bôas, 2022

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