Launch of laser-guided bomb is performed for the first time at EXCON TápioLaunch of laser-guided bomb is performed for the first time at EXCON Tápio

The Lizard II provides precision through airborne or ground laser designation

Agência Força Aérea, por Tenente Letícia Faria E Major Oliveira Lima

Among the operational actions that the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) military personnel carried out during this year’s Joint Exercise Tápio 2022 was the launching of the Lizard II Bomb at the Betione Training Center of the Brazilian Army (EB), about 180 kilometers from Campo Grande Air Base (BACG), in Mato Grosso do Sul (MS). The activity, which took place for the first time during the Exercise, had the objective of testing the Ratler GX Designator, which is part of the series of ground laser designators for guided bombs.

The Lizard II Guiding Kit provides precision in bomb launches, therefore reducing the risk of fratricide/collateral damage. However, it needs to be directed by laser designators. The system has already been tested in combat, and in the EXCON Tápio it proved to be an effective set, when coupled with FAB’s General Purpose Air Bombs and designated by the Ratler GX. Both pieces of equipment are manufactured by Elbit Systems and marketed by the Brazilian company AEL Sistemas.

Lançamento de bomba guiada a laser é realizada pela 1ª vez no EXCON Tápio

The bomb was used by the Third Squadron of the Tenth Aviation Group (3°/10° GAv) – Centaur Squadron, aboard the AMX A-1 aircraft. On board the H-36 Caracal, from the Third Squadron of the Eighth Aviation Group (3/8th GAv) – Puma Squadron, was Infantry Major Igor Duarte Fernandes, one of the members of the Exercise Management, and a multidisciplinary team – both in performance measurement and execution.

According to Major Igor, the test conducted during the exercise proved the military’s competence to launch laser bombs with ground designation. “We did here, for the first time, the launching of laser-guided bombs, being designated from the ground. It was a great gain for FAB to establish such a milestone counting on the presence of Advanced Air Guiders from the Air Force, Navy and Army, because the ability to designate a bomb from the ground and this bomb precisely hit the target, with less exposure of the aircraft, is a significant advance,” comments the Officer.

Photos and video: Sergeant Ronan / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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