LAAD 2024: Technology and innovationLAAD 2024: Technology and innovation

One of the novelties was the largest drone ever to fly over national territory, with a wingspan of 11 meters and a flight autonomy of 28 hours, developed by the company Stella Tecnologia. The Atobá weighs more than 500 kilos and can operate within a 250 km radius via radio link. It also has the capacity to carry more than 70 kg in sensors and cameras.

Condor brought a virtual reality simulator that allows visitors to experience a variety of operational scenarios, providing an educational experience on training with controlled impact munitions.

Chinese manufacturer Unitree announced its robot dog, the Go1. The device is only 30 cm tall and weighs 12 kg, which the company highlights as an advantage in terms of portability. The price is also more attractive than Boston Dynamic’s famous Spot.

Atech will be highlighting GDI (Incident Management), a platform that represents a significant advance in the use of command and control capabilities. GDI uses IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, georeferencing (GIS) and a cloud or on-premise computing environment, with cyber security. It enables interoperability with other systems and the integration of data from various devices and sensors.

MAC JEE highlighted the latest version of the ARMADILLO, a police tactical vehicle designed specifically to deal with urban disturbances and other security operations. The police ARMADILLO stands out for its versatility and advanced capabilities. Equipped with a robust and functional design, the vehicle is capable of supporting a wide range of weaponry and equipment, including crowd control agents and non-lethal dispersal systems.

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