JetBlue Joins Beacon’s Expanding Network Across the United StatesJetBlue Joins Beacon’s Expanding Network Across the United States

New York’s Hometown Airline will embark on a rollout of Beacon across select stations. The trial will begin with two key cities and its routes: New York and Boston.

Beacon, the maintenance coordination platform connecting resources and professionals for faster return-to-service aircraft, powered by EmbraerX, embarks on a trial partnership with JetBlue, New York’s Hometown Airline and the seventh largest airline in North America. During the initial rollout, Beacon will help JetBlue simplify coordination of their maintenance events and propel collaboration amongst their maintenance talent pool and providers to accelerate return-to-service.

“JetBlue is a key commercial partner for Beacon due to the scale of its operation and its reputation in the industry,” said Head of Beacon Marco Cesarino. “The airline is an industry leader in human driven innovation for the digital and passenger experiences. We are excited to partner with a leader like JetBlue and expand Beacon in North America, increasing the participants in the platform and measuring results to share success with other operators. It is all about keep passengers flying.”

The onboarding will begin with JetBlue’s selected bases including New York, Boston, and gradually expand to other airports and routes.

“We are excited about bringing our teams into a new digital era with Beacon,” said Alvaro Espinoza, Director of Maintenance with JetBlue. “We have long been waiting for a solution that accelerates aircraft return-to service by helping our workforce to be even more coordinated and reducing the complexity and pressure they are dealing with as we enhance the knowledge management of the operation.”

Through this partnership, Beacon’s platform will continue to expand its footprint across the commercial market, the number of aircrafts served, stations supported, and support its mission to reduce out-of-service time and delays for all types of aircraft across the globe.

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