In a military ceremony, AFA graduates 149 new Aviators, Intendants and InfantrymenIn a military ceremony, AFA graduates 149 new Aviators, Intendants and Infantrymen

The ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Brazil and took place in Pirassununga (SP)

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Eniele Santos

A unique moment! Filled with emotion, joy and a sense of accomplishment. It was with this feeling that after four years of training, the Air Force Academy (AFA) graduated 149 officers, of which 86 were Air Force Aviators (CFOAV), 45 were Second Lieutenants (CFOINT) and 15 were Infantrymen (CFOINF) from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), and also military personnel from Peru, Cape Verde and Senegal.

The solemn session was held on 12/8, at the AFA’s Graduation Yard, and was attended by the President of the Republic, Jair Messias Bolsonaro; the Minister of Defense, Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira, General Officers of the High Command and FAB Officers; as well as congressmen and authorities from the city of Pirassununga (SP).

During the ceremony, the Commander of the Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior told those present that this is an occasion of special significance, requiring several reflections from each one. “For us, older Officers, it is a moment of pulsating nostalgia, after all, we are inevitably transported decades ago in order to relive unforgettable emotions,” he expressed.

While reinforcing Brazilian Air Force values, such as Courage, Loyalty, Honor, Duty and Homeland, the FAB Commander also highlighted the hope and faith in a better future for Brazil, through the work that each of the cadet officers will perform in the institution. “For you, young Anubis Squadron’s victorious officers, the time has come for you to leave the Eagle’s Nest, to fly higher and higher in search of new challenges,” he said.

Considered one of the AFA’s most special moments, the training of new officers represents, above all, hope and the certainty that the Air Force and the Brazilian population will always have trained military personnel willing to maintain the Institution’s mission to Defend, Control and Integrate. It is evident that, for this, it is necessary to train Aviators, Second Lieutenants and Infantrymen, since, together, combining knowledge, they will be able to form the Air Force of the Future.

The first place in the course, Aspirant Airman Officer Yuri Nunes Bitar, spoke about the moment everyone is looking forward to. “It took years of hard study and dedication, and today to see that I was able to go through all of this and follow my dream makes it all worthwhile. And, what’s more, being able to see my parents proud and happy makes me believe that my choices were the right ones,” she said.

“Always be by your children’s side, encourage them, give them strength, be partners! The future of these and so many other young people depends on the support of their parents. Seeing my son today, walking the path of struggle and love for the Brazilian people, fills me with pride and certainty of a better country,” said, emotional, Wagner Bitar, father of Officer Aspirant Bitar.

“The merit is his, I, as a mother, gave love and was by his side during all these years. And, today, I am proud of the path he chose to follow. He made it all worthwhile! “, described the mother of the Anubis Class First Responder, Lúcia Bitar.

The graduation ceremony for FAB career officers is marked by the sublime moment of exchanging swords: The Cadet returns the rapier and wields the Brazilian Air Force Officer Sword.

To close the ceremony, the Air Demonstration Squadron (EDA) performed an aerobatics show in the Pirassununga sky! And, especially, the aerobatics “break” was performed in honor of the Anubis Class. A real private show!

Photos: Soldier Carriço and Sergeant Müller Marim/ CECOMSAER – Video: Sergeant Neris and Sergeant André Souza/ CECOMSAER
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