The 1º/1st GT carried out, this Friday (05/13), the launching of eight CDS (Container Delivery System) type cargoes to supply the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station

A C-130 Hercules aircraft from the First Transport Group Squadron (1º/1/º GT) – Gordo (Fat Man) Squadron, carried out, this Friday (05/13), the launching of eight CDS (Container Delivery System) type cargoes, totaling approximately 1,300kg of food and essential materials to supply the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station (EACF), located in Admiralty Bay, on King George Island.

The Gordo Squadron’s resupply flights in one of the coldest regions of the world are part of Operation Antarctica (OPERANTAR) and involve meticulous meteorological planning so that the launch can take place in the weather window available at the Ferraz Station, which presents challenges related to the mountainous geography. In addition, the correct application of the CDS method launch technique requires crew expertise to ensure the country’s presence in the frozen continent, through the Brazilian Antarctic Program (PROANTAR).

This time, the aircraft, which took off from Rio de Janeiro (RJ), was composed of 12 crew members, including pilots, mechanics, load masters and launch masters. “The mission in the Antarctic continent has unique characteristics found in this region: the complex weather conditions and low temperatures to which its crews and aircraft are subjected. The robustness of the C-130 associated with the training of its crews allows it to fly safely to resupply the station, since maritime access is not possible due to the winter conditions in the southern hemisphere,” explained one of the pilots, Captain Leonardo Pacheco Martins da Silva.

Alongside Major Joyce de Souza Conceição, Captain Naiara de Senna Pereira led the aircraft in the mission and spoke about the honor of participating in the 40th OPERANTAR. “For me it is a great satisfaction to be able to contribute to the operations of PROANTAR, resupplying the Antarctic Station Comandante Ferraz and making a difference in the lives of these soldiers who maintain the Brazilian presence in this inhospitable and isolated place,” she said.

Gordo Squadron (Fat Man Squadron)

The Gordo Squadron was the first FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira – Brazilian Air Force) Air Unit selected to operate the Lockheed C-130 Hercules logistical transport aircraft, and in March 2022 received the first two KC-390 Millennium aircraft. The 1st/1st GT is based at Galeão Air Base (RJ) and is the only FAB unit qualified to carry out missions for the Brazilian Antarctic Program (PROANTAR). During the Antarctic winter, when the waters freeze over around Admiralty Bay, the station is supplied only through air launches carried out by the C-130 Hercules of the Gordo Squadron.

Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station

O EACF localiza-se na península Antártica e permanece guarnecida o ano inteiro. É responsável pelo desenvolvimento de diversas pesquisas, dentre elas, a utilização de vegetais nativos para a cura do câncer. Durante o inverno, o suprimento da Estação se dá somente por meio de lançamento aéreo, com apoio do 1º/1º GT.

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