For the first time, women will be able to apply for the vacancies for Marine Soldier in the Brazilian NavyFor the first time, women will be able to apply for the vacancies for Marine Soldier in the Brazilian Navy

Registration can be made until the beginning of March for both genders

By First Lieutenant (RM2-T) Tássia Camila Navarro dos Santos – Brasília, DF

As of 2024, women will have the possibility of joining the Marine Soldiers Training Course (C-FSD-FN). Enrollment for the Public Admission Contest for Classes I and II/2024 of the Marine Soldiers Training Course (C-FSD-FN) is now open. They cost R$ 40.00 and can be done through the Brazilian Navy (MB) website until March 2, 2023. In all, 1,080 vacancies will be offered, 984 for male candidates and 96 for female candidates.

With this opportunity, the process of including women in all the MB’s Corps, Boards, schools and instruction centers is complete. Now, it will be allowed the concomitant embarkation of Officers and enlisted men in the operational ranks of the Force.

Among the requirements for admission to the competition are the need to be 18 years old and less than 22 on June 30, 2024, and to have completed high school. The first stage of the selection process consists of a schooling exam, consisting of Portuguese and Mathematics tests, with a date to be announced later on the site. Those approved in the initial stage will also undergo biographical data and document verification, psychological evaluation, health inspection, and a physical fitness test for entry.

Private Diego Henrique Torres de Medeiros, 22, is from Natal (RN) and always had as a life goal to become a Marine. He graduated in the last class of 2022 and now already feels fulfilled. “It is a satisfaction to realize the dream of joining the Navy, because through the Marine Corps I could bring pride to myself and my family,” he highlights.

For the newly graduated soldier, the training course period was challenging and productive. “It was difficult, as is expected of a Marine Soldier training course. As a member of class II/2022, the cold was one of the most difficult obstacles for me, and because it was far from home, missing my family was also an obstacle, but I overcame it,” he says.

Even with all the obstacles encountered during the study phase until passing the exam and the training course, the soldier encourages those who have the dream of joining the Marine Corps. “What I say to those who are thinking about becoming a Marine is to persevere until they achieve their goal, because we have the possibility of career and personal growth. We can take operational courses, visit foreign countries, and also receive hospital assistance for us and our families,” he says.

The course

The training course will last approximately seventeen weeks and will be conducted at the Centro de Instrução Almirante Milcíades Portela Alves (CIAMPA), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and, simultaneously, at the Centro de Instrução e Adestramento de Brasília (CIAB), in Brasília (DF), under the regime of internship and exclusive dedication until graduation.

The vacancies

Of the 1,080 vacancies, 840 will be for the CIAMPA, with 96 reserved preferably for female candidates and 744 for male candidates, in order of ranking. The remaining 240 vacancies will be for the CIAB and will be reserved for male candidates, following the order of ranking.

More details about the competition can be found in the announcement of the call for tenders for admission to Classes I and II/2024 of the Marine Soldiers Training Course (C-FSD-FN).

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