First Space Conference is held by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB)First Space Conference is held by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB)

Event took place at the Superior Defense School (ESD), in Brasilia (DF), on Wednesday (11/16)

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Letícia Faria

Relevant issues about the Brazilian Space Program were discussed at the First Space Conference. The event, which was held by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), through the Air Force Staff (EMAER) and the Third Deputy Chief of Staff (3SC), took place throughout Wednesday (11/16), at the Superior Defense School (ESD), in Brasilia (DF).

The FAB Commander, Air Lieutenant-Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, accompanied by the Chief of EMAER, Air Lieutenant-Brigadier Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno, were received by the ESD Commander, Vice-Admiral Paulo Renato Rohwer Santos. General Officers of the Aeronautics High Command were also present.

First Space Conference

It has as its main focus the Defense sector and, by objective, the leveling of knowledge about the historical trajectory of space activities in Brazil, about governance and the main initiatives underway in the strategic space sector. It also seeks an increase in the perception of the space domain as a relevant factor for the success of the Armed Forces’ employment and for the fulfillment of their constitutional mission.

For the opening of the First Space Conference, the FAB Commander congratulated EMAER for the work and highlighted, above all, the strategic need to promote the conference. “This event is one of the three that we wanted to do. The first one was on Armament, in which we are an armed force, in which we had the opportunity to level knowledge. Another two on ‘Systemic Structures,’ and, this one on Space, where we can discuss, because it is a very relevant subject and needs to be of our understanding, we in blue, we in gray, we in green, we in suits, we agents, civilians, all of us who have an interest,” points out Lieutenant-Brigadier Baptista Junior.

Lieutenant-Brigadier Damasceno also made his remarks about the event. “As for today’s essential activity, this First Space Conference counted on the presentation of seven important organizational structures linked to our space agenda, highlights the EMAER Chief.

The speakers were the Chief of the Space Activities Section of the Aeronautics Staff, Air Brigadier Rogério Luiz Veríssimo Cruz; the Coordinator of Policies and Programs of the Directorate of Governance of the Space Sector of AEB, Gabriel Figueiró de Oliveira; the Chief of the Space Operations Center of the Aerospace Operations Command, Air Brigadier Rodrigo Alvim de Oliveira the Chief of the Technical Subdepartment of the Aerospace Science and Technology Department, Brigadier Engineer Luciano Valentim Rechiuti; and the President of the Commission for the Coordination and Implementation of Space Systems, Air Brigadier Francisco Bento Antunes Neto.

“CCISE participates by presenting about the Alcântara Space Center (CEA). It is an opportunity for the General-Officers of the Brazilian Air Force to learn about the CEA concept, the importance of structuring the Center for commercial operation, and the possibilities that open up for the Brazilian Air Force,” commented Brigadier Antunes.

Strategic Space Systems Program (PESE)

This is a program created to meet the strategic needs of the Armed Forces and of Brazilian society, which includes the launching of orbiting satellites, in ground stations for control, reception and data processing, to provide services for ground observation, telecommunications, information mapping, positioning, space monitoring and a space systems operation center.

The main objective of PESE is to provide space infrastructure to be used strategically and in a way that enhances the Blue Amazon Management System (SisGAAz), the Integrated Border Monitoring System (SISFRON), the Brazilian Aerospace Defense System (SISDABRA), the Amazon Protection System (SIPAM) and the like.

Photos: Sergeant Bianca Viol and Sergeant P. Silva / CECOMSAER- Video: Sergeant Ronan and Sergeant André Souza / CECOMSAER
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