Federal Police arrest two suspects in São Paulo for planning terrorist attacks in BrazilFederal Police arrest two suspects in São Paulo for planning terrorist attacks in Brazil

Brazilians were being recruited by Hezbollah to commit extremist acts against Jews in the country; agents served warrants in Minas Gerais and the Federal District

The Federal Police arrested two people suspected of being part of a group linked to Hezbollah that was planning terrorist attacks against Jewish targets in Brazil. Police officers carried out two temporary arrest warrants and 11 search and seizure warrants in Minas Gerais (7), the Federal District (3) and São Paulo (1), where the arrests issued by the Belo Horizonte Judicial Sub-Section were also carried out.

Dubbed “Operation Trapiche”, the action was aimed at disrupting acts of preparation for terrorism and obtaining evidence of the possible recruitment of Brazilians to commit terrorism in the country. The crimes provided for in the Terrorism Law are considered heinous, unbailable and not subject to grace, amnesty or pardon.

The sentence will initially be served under a closed regime, regardless of whether the conviction has become final and unappealable, according to the PF. Those being investigated will be charged with the crimes of forming or integrating a terrorist organization and carrying out acts in preparation for terrorism, the maximum penalties for which, if added together, reach 15 years and 6 months in prison.


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