FAB provides logistical support to emergency areas in the state of AmazonasFAB provides logistical support to emergency areas in the state of Amazonas

COMARA vessels were used in Joint Operation AMANACI to transport supplies, drinking water and medicines to local communities.

Air Force Agency – COMARA, by Petty Officer Jean

Teams and vessels from the Amazon Region Airports Commission (COMARA) were mobilized following the activation of the AMANACI Joint Operational Command, activated by the Ministry of Defense (MD), to provide support to emergency areas in the state of Amazonas in February.

On that occasion, a COMARA river convoy left Manaus (AM) for the municipality of Moura (AM), with eight military personnel and four civilian crew members, carrying 18 tons of food and 10,000 liters of fuel. A logistics base was set up in the municipality on February 18, where baskets of food were transferred to boats from the Brazilian Army’s 3rd Jungle Infantry Battalion, which began distributing them along the Unini River, a tributary of the Rio Negro.

The operation marks the integration between the Brazilian Navy (MB), the Brazilian Army (EB) and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and remains in action to provide support to residents affected by the drought.

COMARA’s Vice-President, Colonel Tiago Cortat de Melo, highlighted the efficiency of the planning and execution of the support missions. “This action is an example of the strategic coordination capacity of the Brazilian state, permanently active in the Amazon Region,” he said.

The AMANACI Joint Operational Command aims to provide logistical support to Civil Protection and Defense efforts in Amazonian municipalities in emergency situations.

The operation was launched by means of GM-MD Order No. 5,152, of October 18, 2023, in response to the severe drought affecting the municipalities, and with the aim of transporting supplies, drinking water and medicines.

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