FAB plane that disappeared in Greater Florianópolis in a training flightFAB plane that disappeared in Greater Florianópolis in a training flight

Information was released by the Brazilian Air Force, which sent aircraft to assist firefighters in the search. Work is concentrated in the region of Tijucas and Canelinha.

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane that disappeared in Greater Florianopolis on Friday (4) was being occupied by two military personnel who were doing a training flight in the region, said the Air Force. According to the Military Police, the search for the T-25 aircraft is concentrated in the region between Tijucas and Canelinha, in the same region.

On Saturday morning (5) to g1, the FAB said that the searches were maintained during the night and will continue throughout the day. A SC-105 Amazonas aircraft and helicopters H-36 Caracal and H-60 Black Hawk from FAB are working in the region. The Santa Catarina Fire Department is continuing the search on land.

Rescuers from Santa Catarina have been searching since Friday afternoon. According to the FAB, two aircraft from the Air Force have been activated to help in the search and are moving to Florianópolis. The Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Center of Curitiba is coordinating the search operations. FAB did not inform the names of the military personnel. The place of departure and destination of the aircraft were not disclosed either.

FAB plane loses signal in SC

The disappearance occurred 30 miles north of Florianopolis, according to g1 sources in the Air Force. In Canelinha, a team from the municipal Civil Defense was called to provide support to the firefighters, according to the city hall. According to the mayor of the city, Diogo Maciel, a smoke signal and lights were seen by residents on Morretes hill. The Air Force Academy T-25 training aircraft is from Pirassununga, São Paulo, according to Lt. Col. Diogo Losso, and has a maximum capacity of two people on board.


The command of the Greater Florianopolis Fire Department informed that it received a request for support from the FAB to search for a possible disappearance of the aircraft. The last location, according to the corporation, was between the municipalities of Canelinha and Tijucas. “This aircraft may have anticipated a forced landing. Until we effectively find some evidence or some wreckage, or a part of the aircraft, we have no way to confirm whether it crashed or made a forced landing. Even if it made a forced landing, the situation of the pilots, none of this [is possible to know],” said Losso.

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