FAB participates in the International Fighter Conference in BerlinFAB participates in the International Fighter Conference in Berlin

The event is the main global forum for Fighter Aviation

Lieutenant Rafaella and Major Oliveira Lima

With the participation of Air Force representatives from several countries, strategic program managers and international company leaders, the International Fighter Conference (IFC), an important event for the Fighter Aviation community, took place in Berlin, Germany. This is the 22nd edition of the Conference, which took place between November 16 and 18 and was attended by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

The Conference was chaired by the retired General of the United States Air Force, Frank Gorenc, and was attended by approximately 250 people. Business leaders showcased their projects and shared their strategic vision of the future of Fighter Aviation, as well as assessed the challenges of providing air combat power on the contemporary and future battlefield.

Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data fusion, virtual training, perspectives of national combat aviation from small and large Air Forces, and the future role of the Fighter pilot were the main topics discussed, among others shared. It is estimated that the meeting’s audience was 60% military and 40% business people, among representatives from more than 30 countries.

In the occasion, the Commander of the First Regional Air Command (I COMAR) and President of the Airports Commission of the Amazon Region (COMARA), Air Major-Brigadier Raimundo Nogueira Lopes Neto, spoke about the impact of the beginning of the F-39 Gripen operation for FAB and its operational challenges. The General Officer, who was representing the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, explained that the event was a very useful learning opportunity.

“Today we have no doubt that in order to maintain, even temporarily, air superiority, we depend on an operational environment composed of sophisticated integrated air defense systems. This is the path that FAB followed when acquiring modern and capable aircraft” said Major-Brigadier Nogueira.

In an interview with the organizers of the event, the I COMAR Commander further stated. “It was very important for FAB to participate in a conference like this. We realized the importance of continuing to improve the ways in which our combat aircraft collect, process and exploit data. Investments in more sophisticated platforms can be balanced with remotely piloted aircraft that can operate decisively, in an operational environment, against an asymmetric threat,” he said.

The 22nd edition of the event was organized by Defense iQ, which is a division of the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC), an organization that specializes in creating conferences with world leaders.

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