FAB intercepts aircraft in Air Defense Identification Zone (ZIDA)FAB intercepts aircraft in Air Defense Identification Zone (ZIDA)

The mission took place on Monday morning (29/01), 110 kilometers from Boa Vista (RR)

SDAI, Lieutenant Letícia Faria

On Monday morning (29/01), the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) identified a Cessna 182 aircraft about 110 kilometers west of Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima (RR), suspected of illicit air traffic in the Air Defense Identification Zone (ZIDA – Zona de Identificação de Defesa Aérea [pt]), a space overlying and adjacent to the Yanomami Indigenous Land. E-99, R-99 and A-29 Super Tucano aircraft were deployed on the mission in conjunction with the Federal Police (PF).

The plane was monitored by the Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE) and the PF. As it was not complying with ZIDA rules, as set out in Decree 11.405 of January 30, 2023, the aircraft was classified as suspicious and the air defense pilot followed the Airspace Policing Measures (MPEA) protocol [Click here to download the original image].

After the FAB pilot failed to comply with his orders, the air defense team had to carry out a warning shot. At this point, the aircraft landed on a dirt runway. A FAB helicopter, the H-60 Black Hawk, was also used to transport military personnel from the Boa Vista Air Base Security and Defense Group (GSD-BV) and PF agents. After carrying out the Ground Control Measures (MCS), the Federal Police seized the aircraft. The pilot fled the scene after landing.

Learn more about Air Defense Identification Zone (ZIDA – Zona de Identificação de Defesa Aérea [pt])

Based on Presidential Decree No. 11.405 of January 30, 2023, the Brazilian Air Force activated an Air Defense Identification Zone (ZIDA) in the airspace of the northern region of the country in February 2023. The aim of the measure was to increase air defense capacity in [Click here to download the original image] an area comprising the Yanomami Indigenous Land and surrounding areas, contributing to the fight against illegal mining in Roraima (RR).

According to the provision, the ZIDA is made up of: a reserved area (White Area); a restricted area (Yellow Area); and a prohibited area (Red Area), and it is the responsibility of the Aeronautics Command to adopt Airspace Policing Measures (MPEA) against all types of suspicious air traffic, as provided for in the Brazilian Aeronautics Code.

The Aerospace Operations Command (COMAE) is responsible for planning, coordinating and executing Air Force actions aimed at the Aerospace Control Task, using the air resources necessary to identify, coerce or detain traffic flying in the National Territory.

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