FAB aircraft to repatriate Brazilians in IsraelFAB aircraft to repatriate Brazilians in Israel

In the inter-ministerial action, called Operation Returning in Peace, another KC-30 and two KC-390s will be available, totaling four aircraft

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Flávia Rocha

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB), in coordination with the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, has been called in to repatriate Brazilians who are in Israel. On Monday (09/10), a KC-30 aircraft landed in Rome (Italy) at 07h50min (local time, 02h50min Brasilia time), coming from Natal (RN). The flight lasted 09 hours.

The aircraft’s destination is Tel Aviv, a city on the Israeli coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where citizens must board according to the definitions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first flight back to Brazil should take place on Tuesday (10/10), with take-off from the Israeli city scheduled for 5pm (Tel Aviv time, 11am Brasilia time).

Another KC-30 and two KC-390 Millennium will also be available for the inter-ministerial action, called Operation Returning in Peace.

Second FAB aircraft takes off for Israel this Monday (09/10)

The second KC-30 aircraft, which took off from Brasilia (DF) on Monday (09/10) at 16:20 (local time) to repatriate Brazilians in Israel, also carried five FAB health professionals (two doctors, two nurses and a psychologist) to help with the rescue. 

The Commander of this second KC-30, Major Rafael de Oliveira Bertholdo, from the Second Squadron of the Second Transport Group (2nd/2nd GT) – Corsair Squadron, commented on the mission. “It’s a great responsibility for our crew. This humanitarian aid also proves our Air Force’s ability to respond quickly, as we were able to prepare the aircraft and coordinate the mission in a short space of time. It is clear that our country really needs aircraft of this size. One of the main features of the KC-30 is its ability to transport large numbers of people safely over long distances. This is a real mission for the use of air power in wartime,” he said.

The first KC-30 aircraft is expected to land in Brasilia in the early hours of Wednesday morning (11/10), at 1am (Brasilia time). 

The Commander of the Air Force, Air Force Lieutenant General Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno, spoke about the importance of the mission. “When we talk about reintegrating people, we are also talking about an object linked to sovereignty. National reintegration is a mission characteristic of the Air Force and we feel very proud to cooperate at this difficult time,” said the General Officer.


With the acquisition of the Airbus A330-200, the FAB has increased its capacity for strategic actions, such as in-flight refueling, logistical support and humanitarian actions, whether national or international. In situations of public calamity, such as natural disasters, pandemics or medical emergencies, the aircraft is also capable of carrying out Aeromedical Evacuation (EVAM) missions for numerous patients.

The 59-meter-long KC-30 is the largest aircraft ever operated by the Brazilian Air Force and can carry up to 238 passengers, 45 tons of cargo and fly a distance of 14,500 kilometers. Thus, the incorporation of the aircraft into the Corsair Squadron will result in a significant increase in the FAB’s operational efficiency in favor of the country’s defense and support for national development.


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