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The Air Force Academy (AFA), located in Pirassununga (SP), held on May 19th the launching of the web series “Smoke 70 years”, produced by Hunter Press. In an event called Avant-première (pre-release), 100 guests watched, with exclusivity, a special episode of the series and were able to visit the headquarters of the Esquadrilha da Fumaça (Smoke Squadron – EDA*) and watch an aerial training.

The event was attended by the AFA’s Commander, Air Brigadier Marcelo Gobett Cardoso, the Air Demonstration Squadron Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Garcia Pereira, members of the EDA, AFA’s instructors and Air Force cadets.

The Webseries is divided in four chapters and will be freely distributed on the internet. After almost four thousand presentations, viewers will be able to watch the history and all the details behind the scenes of the shows in the skies. The historical contextualization of the creation of the Smoke Squadron and many testimonials from current and former pilots and people who actively participated in this success story are also highlights.

Brigadier Gobbet highlighted the event as a very interesting opportunity to gather friends who contribute so much to the growth of Brazilian aviation. “Congratulations to Hunter Press for the support and partnership in this very special moment for us, from the Smoke Squadron and the Air Force Academy, as we resume normal activities after the COVID-19 pandemic,” concluded the Commander.

For the scriptwriter and producer João Paulo Moralez, this was one of the most intense and challenging works of his career, because it is much more than just portraying the airplanes, change of headquarters, and the evolutions along these seven decades. “It means to express, through images, the spirit and essence of this Squadron, which has a unique mission in FAB, to value and raise the patriotic spirit, to foster aviation, to awaken the aeronautical vocation, to demonstrate the expertise of the FAB aviators and the quality of the Brazilian aeronautical industry,” he said.

The first part of the webseries will be available to the public, starting this Thursday (05/26), through the website

Photos: Private João Oliveira / AFA

*EDA – Esquadrão de Demonstração Aérea – acronym for Air Demostration Squadron – In Brazil the EDA is popularly known as the Smoke Squadron

*** Translated by Defconpress team***

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