Embraer Extends Registrations for the Master in Aeronautical EngineeringEmbraer Extends Registrations for the Master in Aeronautical Engineering

Embraer has extended to next Sunday (9/11) the deadline to enroll in the selection process for the Master’s Degree program in aeronautical engineering, held in partnership with the Aeronautical Institute of Technology. In addition to postponing the deadline for applications, Embraer has increased the number of places to 80. To participate, access the link: https://embraer.com/pee.

Known as the Embraer Engineering Specialization Program (PEE), the initiative is one of the longest-lasting corporate models for intellectual and technological development in Brazil. It is dedicated to newly graduated engineers and engineers, and is the main entry point to work at Embraer developing products and processes.

Lasting 18 months, its educational grid includes the current challenges of the sector, such as Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Project Prototyping, among other disciplines related to the aeronautical environment. To participate, candidates must have graduated in 2020, 2021 or 2022 in one of the eligible engineering areas and live in Brazil.

The selection process is carried out entirely online and at no cost to the candidates, and those approved will receive a scholarship (compatible with master’s scholarships in the market), medical and dental care, life insurance, and food vouchers. All the training is provided by Embraer professionals, ITA professors, and consultants, with the right to a professional master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering, recognized by CAPES/MEC.


The Engineering Specialization Program (PEE) combines the load of technical expertise with the development of multidisciplinary knowledge. The systemic vision is stimulated in the professional with actions to improve communication skills, to enhance interpersonal relationships, professional ethics, and knowledge of Embraer’s culture, people, and structure. The courses are complemented with technical visits to the company’s areas, aviation fairs, laboratories, among others.

The Program is structured in three distinct phases, each lasting up to six months: aeronautical basics, specialization and integration (phase in which the participants develop an aircraft based on a proposed academic challenge). In addition, a master’s thesis is also developed. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, full time, by ITA professors, Embraer specialists, and consultants.

Classes are held either face-to-face or remotely. For team project activities, the EEP also counts on a select team of mentors – Embraer professionals considered technical references in their fields of expertise. The first edition was held in 2001 and, to date, the Program has graduated more than 1,600 engineers in 29 classes from more than 100 universities in 20 states in Brazil. The average hiring rate of the participants is 96%.
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