Embraer has begun enrollment for the second edition of the Software Specialization Program (PES), in partnership with the Computer Center (CIn) of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). Candidates interested in the postgraduate course can apply until October 30th. Classes will start in the first semester of 2023.

There are 35 vacancies dedicated to people who have graduated in exact sciences (undergraduate or graduate level) in the last five years. The goal is to improve the knowledge of new professionals in the areas of Embedded Software and Data Science development, meeting the current and future demands of the aerospace industry.

“The first PES class exceeded our expectations due to the high commitment, enthusiasm and technical capacity of the talents that will now join the company’s technology teams,” said Carlos Alberto Griner, Embraer’s Vice-President of People, ESG and Communication. “This is a strategic training for the country and we are excited about the new edition of the program that unites teaching excellence, personal development and career opportunity.”


Divided into three modules, the program has a nine-month curriculum and the professional receives a lato sensu post-graduate diploma from UFPE, an institution recognized for its high impact on the national innovation ecosystem. “The experience we had in the first PES class was excellent. The constant interaction among professors, students, and professionals from Embraer greatly enriched the course, joining classroom theory to the practices employed at Embraer. I have no doubt that the students leave with a solid education in the areas covered in the courses, and prepared to work in the aeronautical industry,” says Adriano Sarmento, professor at the center and Coordinator of the CIn-UFPE/Embraer/Fade program.

Amidst the speed of digital transformation, Embraer fosters an ecosystem of knowledge generation and dissemination, which involves partnerships and training initiatives, and the empowerment of new talents stimulated to create the most innovative products for the industry of the future.

To enroll in the PES, access: https://embraer.gupy.io/job/eyJqb2JJZCI6MzA5NzMzOSwic291cmNlIjoiZ3VweV9wdWJsaWNfcGFnZSJ9?jobBoardSource=gupy_public_page

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