Critical infrastructure, supply chain, healthcare, and finance are the sectors most at risk from cyber attacks in Latin America this year

Data were collected by Lumu Technologies; supporting the work of cybersecurity teams will be a priority to act effectively against the risks

Lumu Technologies, the cybersecurity company that created the Continuous Compromise Assessment™ model, which allows organizations to measure compromises in real time, has compiled a list of sectors that are expected to be prime targets for cyberattacks in Latin America this year.

According to the company’s threat intelligence team, critical infrastructure and vital services have been increasingly affected. These, along with supply chains, financial and healthcare sectors, are expected to be at greater risk from threats such as ransomware in the region.

“One of our main goals and, in general, of the cybersecurity industry, will be to prioritize verticals with a high level of risk and to work hand in hand with the Information Technology and cybersecurity leaders of organizations, seeking to increase the efficiency of operations and the effectiveness of the response to the continuous and growing challenges generated by cyberattacks,” says Ricardo Villadiego, founder and CEO of Lumu Technologies.

“The goal for organizations will not only be to protect themselves with cutting-edge solutions, but also to support the work of cybersecurity teams so that they have less wear and tear and optimized management when it comes to detecting the level of compromise with which companies, workers, and customers are continuously exposed,” adds the executive.

Regarding the countries that demand most attention in the region, Germán Patiño, vice-president of sales for Latin America, points out that all companies in Latin America, regardless of their vertical or activity, must be attentive to the prevention of threats in the networks and equipment with which their clients interact.

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