British intelligence estimates Wagner Group has "up to 50,000" troops in UkraineBritish intelligence estimates Wagner Group has "up to 50,000" troops in Ukraine

The Wagner Group, a Kremlin-friendly mercenary network, has “up to 50,000” troops on the front lines in Ukraine, according to British intelligence estimates, which describe it as a “key” tool in the Russian offensive.

British military intelligence has found that the Wagner Group has been registered as a legal entity in the Russian register since December 27, although it is registered as a company devoted basically to consulting work, “with no mention of combat services.”

For the British authorities, this move seems to be aimed at maximizing the commercial profits of the company founded by Yevgeni Prigozhin, who made his fortune mainly in the restaurant business. In addition, the registration would also seek to “legitimize” the group.

London does not know to what extent the officially registered company also manages paramilitary activity in countries such as Ukraine, as well as in several African countries, since private military companies remain illegal in Russia.

The role of the Wagner Group, which has been using prisoners to increase its mobilization capacity, has been key in Eastern Ukraine, where Russia has been making gains in recent days in symbolic positions such as Soledar. In fact, the group has considered the city of Soledar to be conquered.


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