Brazilian troops prepared to act efficiently and promptly in Navy missionsBrazilian troops prepared to act efficiently and promptly in Navy missions

Known as the “Force that comes from the sea”, the FFE (Força de Fuzileiros da Esquadra) guarantees the ability to act from sea to land

By First Lieutenant (RM2-T) Vanessa Mendonça – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The Brazilian Navy (MB) has Marines permanently on standby, ensuring the Naval Force’s ability to project power from sea to land. This is done through the Marine Corps (CFN), known as the MB’s amphibious force, which includes the Fleet Marine Force (FFE – Força de Fuzileiros da Esquadra), which turns 67 today (6), It has been active in organizing and preparing Marine operational groups to carry out amphibious naval warfare operations, such as amphibious and riverine operations, as well as activities involving limited use of force, such as peacekeeping operations, and even benign activities, such as support for civil defence.

Known as “The Force that Comes from the Sea”, the FFE is also responsible for managing peace missions abroad involving Marine troops and, among them, is the Marine Operational Group for Rapid Employment in Peacekeeping, the first Brazilian troop to receive the highest level of certification in the United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping Capabilities Readiness System.

”The Marines’ permanent readiness to deploy is in line with the National Defense Strategy and requires FFE troops to follow a rigorous training cycle, which enables them to act across the entire spectrum of military operations, from real combat to naval warfare operations, through the limited use of force, such as in Law and Order operations, and in benign operations, such as humanitarian assistance operations,” said the Commander of the Fleet Marine Force, Vice Admiral (Marines) Renato Rangel Ferreira.

A ceremony to commemorate the 67th anniversary of the FFE was held on Tuesday (6) in Rio de Janeiro. On the occasion, military personnel who have distinguished themselves throughout their careers were honored. ”It is a great joy and satisfaction to be able to receive the award for the days of maneuvers and exercises carried out within the activities of the Fleet Marine Force, in front of my friends, on a day like today, when we are celebrating 67 years of the Fleet Marine Force. I feel sure that I have chosen the right profession and, through everyone’s recognition, I can confirm that the sacrifice was not in vain. I was away from home, but it was for the sake of a rewarding job,” said Lieutenant Ângelo Rocha, one of the honorees.

Get to know the structure of the Fleet Marine Force

The FFE, which within the CFN structure is responsible for meeting strategic and operational requirements, is structured as follows:

  • The Amphibious Division Command, located on Ilha do Governador (RJ), is structured to carry out amphibious operations and limited land operations necessary for a naval campaign;
  • Reinforcement Troop Command, organized to provide the combat support and combat service support elements that are essential to the missions carried out by the Marines;
  • Landing Troop Command, which serves as the nucleus of the Command Component of an Amphibious Unit and the Ground Combat Component of an Amphibious Brigade;
  • Marine Special Operations Battalion, the Tonelero Battalion is structured for use in hostile environments, with the aim of destroying or damaging relevant objectives in defended areas, capturing or rescuing personnel or material, retaking installations, obtaining information, setting diversions and producing psychological effects;
  • The mission of the Air Combat Battalion is to provide the means for air control and the deployment of air assets on the ground, as well as to provide anti-aircraft defense for the Marine Operational Groups; and
  • Rio Meriti Marine Base, whose main activity is to provide the means of command, control and administration necessary for the Fleet Marine Force Command and the other Units located in the Caxias-Meriti Naval Complex (RJ).

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias *** Translated by DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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