Brazilian Navy troops curb environmental and cross-border crimes in the northern regionBrazilian Navy troops curb environmental and cross-border crimes in the northern region

Interagency action results in fines and seizures of illegal cargo

Between November 23 and December 2, members of the Brazilian Navy (MB) intensified preventive and repressive actions against environmental and cross-border violations in the country’s northern region.

In Pará, Operation “Ágata Norte – 4th Quarter” imposed more than R$1.6 million in fines and administrative sanctions on irregular vessels, as well as seizing 90m3 of wood, 400 LPG cylinders, 4,200 liters of diesel oil and 2,000 liters of gasoline, 20 fuel storage tanks and a sailboat of Dutch origin, with crew members illegally in Brazil.

The Naval Force deployed the “Breves” Auxiliary Notice, the “Façanha” Armored Riverine Operations Boat and a Fast Action Boat from the Northern Riverine Operations Boat Group, which focused its operations on the Marajó Archipelago and the Lower Tocantins. The operation, which is part of the Integrated Border Protection Program, also included the participation of agents from the Federal Revenue Service, the Federal Police, Ibama and the Pará State Secretariat for the Environment.

Off the coast of Amapá, the military confiscated a ton of fish from an unlicensed vessel.

The patrol vessel “Bracuí” was taking part in operation “Patrulha Naval Santana” (Santana Naval Patrol), in the coastal regions of Pará and Amapá, in partnership with agents from the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), when it identified the fishing vessel “Serafim” as being unlicensed for fishing, in violation of the Regulations of the Waterway Traffic Safety Law. During the naval inspection, the absence of mandatory salvage materials and overcrowding were also identified.

“The Navy has been involved in various operations in the north of the country, such as naval patrols aimed at enforcing our laws, and the Ministry of Defense’s ‘Ágata’ operations, focused on integrated work with public security and inspection bodies, aimed at protecting our borders,” explains the Commander of the Northern Naval Patrol Group, Captain Ondiara Barbosa, for whom the MB’s constant presence, combined with interagency action, has shown significant results against crime near the mouth of the Amazon River.

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias

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