Brazilian Navy seizes 90m³ of wood in the AmazonBrazilian Navy seizes 90m³ of wood in the Amazon

Operation “Ágata Norte” was carried out jointly with Public Security and Inspection Agencies

By First Lieutenant (RM2-T) Augusto Rodrigues – Belém, PA

Members of the Brazilian Navy (MB), together with members of the Federal Revenue Service, the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), the Federal Police and the Pará State Secretariat for the Environment, took part in Operation “Ágata Norte – 4th Quarter”. The actions took place between November 23 and December 2, in the Marajó Archipelago and the Lower Tocantins, in the state of Pará. The operation resulted in the boarding of 56 vessels, of which 16 were notified and seven seized, as well as the imposition of more than R$1.6 million in fines and administrative sanctions on those involved.

MB deployed the “Breves” Auxiliary Notice, the “Façanha” Armored Riverine Operations Boat and a Fast Action Boat from the Northern Riverine Operations Boat Group to the monitored area.
“Operation Ágata is part of the Integrated Border Protection Program, the aim of which is to carry out preventive and repressive actions against cross-border crimes, environmental crimes and other crimes committed in border regions,” explains the Commander of the Northern Naval Patrol Group, Captain Ondiara Barbosa.

The operation also resulted in the seizure of materials transported illegally on boats, such as 400 LPG cylinders, 4,200 liters of diesel oil, 2,000 liters of gasoline, 20 fuel storage tanks and around 90m³ of wood. During the operation, a sailboat of Dutch origin was seized, whose crew were illegally in Brazil.

Auxiliary Ship “Breves

Built in Manaus (AM) in 2018 and donated to the Navy in 2020 by the Pará State Metrology Institute, the “Breves” Auxiliary Notice is subordinate to the Northern Naval Patrol Group Command and is used in various operational missions. With frequent participation in various Naval Inspections and Patrols, its crew also collaborates in vaccination and scalping accident prevention campaigns.

Northern Riverside Operations Vessel Group

The Northern Riverine Operations Vessel Group, based at the Val-de-Cães Naval Complex in Belém (PA), was activated on August 4, 2021. Its purpose is to contribute to the application of Naval Power in the area of jurisdiction of the 4th Naval District Command, in the preparation and employment of vessels in Riverine Operations, Naval Patrol and Naval Inspection, through Armored Riverine Operations Boats and Rapid Action Boats.

The joint use of these assets with Marine troops and ships under the command of the Northern Naval Patrol Group provides greater offensive power and mobility in operations conducted in the Eastern Amazon.

*** Translated by DEFCONPress FYI Team *** Fonte: Agência Marinha de Notícias

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