Brazilian Navy receives new armored vehicles for the Marine CorpsBrazilian Navy receives new armored vehicles for the Marine Corps

The four JLTVs received on Thursday (16) will be used in the “GLO of the sea”

By Captain (T) Fabrício Costa – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The Marine Corps (CFN) of the Brazilian Navy (MB) received four new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTVs) on Thursday (16). The armored vehicles will be used in the Guarantee of Law and Order (GLO) mission – Operation “Lais de Guia” – underway in the port areas of Rio de Janeiro, Itaguaí (RJ) and Santos (SP).

After disembarking at the Port of Rio de Janeiro, the JLTVs were immediately sent to the Navy Intelligence Center, in the Parada de Lucas neighborhood, where they will undergo operational tests and evaluations. The armored vehicles will also receive camouflage paint, along the lines of the other four combat vehicles received by the Navy in the first half of this year, which are already on patrol in Rio de Janeiro.

By the end of 2024, four more JLTVs will arrive from the United States, as the MB’s contract with the US government provides for the acquisition of 12 units. All these armoured vehicles will be based at the Armoured Vehicles Battalion, a military organization subordinate to the Fleet Marines Force, located in Duque de Caxias (RJ).

The armored vehicle can be equipped with .50 machine guns and a grenade launcher. In addition to the GLO, it can be used in peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and civil defense support missions. The JLTV was developed following demands from the US Armed Forces for conflicts in cities in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was designed to combine the relative agility of a Hummer with the anti-explosive armor of a light tank.

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