Brazilian Navy: DGDNTM reinforces commitment to CT&I in Campinas

Meetings were held with local authorities and visits were made to important institutions and companies in the sector

By Edwaldo Costa – Campinas, SP

On October 31 and November 1, the Director General of Nuclear and Technological Development of the Navy (DGDNTM), Admiral Petronio Augusto Siqueira de Aguiar, accompanied by his Advisor, Admiral Alexandre Rabello de Faria, and his entourage, visited the city of Campinas, with the aim of strengthening partnerships and expanding scientific, technological and innovation activities in that region.

The DGDNTM delegation began its agenda with a meeting with Mayor Dário Jorge Giolo Saadi, where possible collaborations and joint projects between the Navy and the municipal administration were discussed. Taking advantage of the occasion, Admiral Petronio expressed his interest in supporting research and technological development initiatives that could contribute to the development of the Navy itself, the city and the region.

“The involvement of public authorities and the academic and industrial sectors in one of the largest ‘Science, Technology and Innovation Clusters’ in the state of São Paulo is fundamental to stimulating the development of components, systems and equipment that meet the dozens of technological projects of interest to the Naval Force. Campinas has established itself as a major hub for innovation and technology in Brazil and has a strong business environment, as well as a metropolitan region full of research and development institutions,” said the Admiral.

At the meeting, the mayor said that this cooperation was important for Campinas. “I want to thank you for the partnership with the Brazilian Navy in the area of science, technology and innovation. We will soon be organizing an event to learn more about the Navy’s projects and programs, with a view to establishing new partnerships and government, industrial and academic cooperation,” said the Mayor.

The delegation then visited the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), one of the most renowned teaching and research institutions in Latin America. During the meeting, which was attended by Rector Antonio José de Almeida Meirelles, possibilities for cooperation in scientific research were discussed, as well as the creation of research exchange programs between the Navy and the University.

According to Rector Meirelles, “the rapprochement with the Navy’s General Directorate for Nuclear and Technological Development is very important, because it could generate various possibilities for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge in areas in which Unicamp and the Navy already have expertise. Today, as a University, we want to have a very strong interaction with the State in general, with public bodies, with the private sector and with civil society organizations, because we believe that, in this way, part of the knowledge we generate can have an impact on the country’s development. And, without a doubt, the importance of the Navy in the development of technology and the nuclear sector, linked to the issue of our seas and the defense of our country, is very important. And being part of this development is very significant for Unicamp”.

As part of the visit, the Director General and his delegation also had the opportunity to visit the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), which is responsible for the “Sirius” Program and for National Laboratories in the areas of Biosciences, Biorenewables and Nanotechnology.

The Director General of CNPEM, Antonio José Roque da Silva, explained that “Sirius” is the largest and most complex scientific infrastructure in the country.

The equipment allows hundreds of academic and industrial research projects to be carried out every year by thousands of researchers, contributing to the solution of major scientific and technological challenges.
“Our rapprochement with the Navy is extremely important, because it has always been a supporter of Brazilian Science, Technology and Innovation, with major projects in this area. So it’s essential that we get closer and closer to this institution, which seeks to take Brazil to an ever better position and develop both technology and important solutions for Brazil and our sovereignty,” said Director José Roque.

The delegation also visited the headquarters of the Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo (CIESP) in Campinas, where they discussed issues related to innovation, management and process improvements, as well as the region’s economic growth.

CIESP Campinas has around 560 member companies, spread over 19 municipalities in the region.
For the Director of CIESP Campinas, José Henrique Toledo Corrêa, “the DGDNTM’s visit is opportune because it strengthens ties and, above all, generates business opportunities for our companies”.

Source: Agência Marinha de Notícias

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