Brazilian Navy begins health care mission in AmazonasBrazilian Navy begins health care mission in Amazonas

Teams left Manaus (AM) aboard the Hospital Assistance Ship “Soares de Meirelles”.

By Second Lieutenant (RM2-T) Victor Cruz and Second Lieutenant (RM2-T) João Stilben – Agência Marinha de Notícias

This week, the Brazilian Navy (MB) began a series of medical, ophthalmological and dental services in five municipalities in the interior of the state of Amazonas. The health teams left Manaus (AM) on March 16, aboard the Hospital Assistance Ship (NAsH) “Soares de Meirelles”, arriving in the municipality of Tonantins (AM) on Monday (25). On the first day alone, 676 dental procedures were carried out on the ship and 90 dental kits were distributed, as well as 11 mammograms carried out on board.

According to Corvette Captain Wallace Felipe de Paiva Santos, Commander of the NAsH “Soares de Meirelles”, the project will continue in the municipalities of Jutaí, Fonte Boa, Uarini and Alvarães, in the Upper and Middle Solimões region. “In this action, the Brazilian Navy provides logistical support in the transportation of personnel, equipment and supplies. Over the course of six days, the project will carry out around 170 surgeries in five different municipalities in the Western Amazon, so it’s a great pleasure to be able to support and bring health care with dignity to all these people,” said Commander Wallace.

In addition to routine medical examinations, the population will have access to surgeries to treat cataracts, a problem that affects eye health, through the Humanitarian Ophthalmology 2024 project, a partnership between MB, the Friends of the Navy Society (SOAMAR) Manaus and partner organizations. As part of the project, 38 cataract surgeries have already been carried out and 396 glasses have been donated in the city in relation to the services provided on Monday (25).

Professionals from the Piedade Cohen Foundation, the Institute of Vision, the Federal University of Amazonas and the Federal University of São Paulo are also taking part. Prior screening is carried out in the localities to optimize service to the population and define the priority public for the procedures.

The ship’s captain said that at all stops, the NAsH “Soares de Meirelles” health team will provide medical, dental and ophthalmological care, as well as services such as blood pressure checks, blood glucose tests and prescriptions and deliveries of medicines.

Ship of Hope

In regions that are difficult to access, many Brazilian families find themselves without medical, dental and hospital care. This is the case in various parts of the Amazon and the Pantanal, which are isolated from large urban centers and can only be reached by river or air.

To mitigate this situation, since the late 1940s, the Navy has been working to bring health care to the most distant corners of the country, carrying out Hospital Assistance Operations for the Riverine Population. Because of this, the Navy ships that provide this service are also known as “Ships of Hope”, honoring the ship’s motto of bringing “Health wherever there is life!”.
The Hospital Assistance Ship “Soares de Meirelles” has medical and dental offices, a pharmacy, vaccination room, X-ray room, operating room, infirmary and clinical analysis laboratory. Its name is a tribute to the Surgeon General of the Navy and Patron of the Navy Health Corps.

Incorporated into the MB in 2010, the “Soares de Meirelles” is part of the Amazonas Flotilla, subordinate to the 9th Naval District Command, based in Manaus.

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