FAB Preparedness Command has a new CommanderFAB Preparedness Command has a new Commander

The change of command included military ceremonies in Brasilia and Anápolis, with a change of flight leader

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Scarlet

The military ceremony to hand over the post of Commander of Preparedness took place on Tuesday (09/01) at Brasília Air Base. Air Lieutenant Brigadier Sérgio Roberto de Almeida handed over the post of Commander of the Preparedness Command (COMPREP) to Air Lieutenant Brigadier Pedro Luís Farcic. The ceremony was presided over by the Commander of the Air Force, General Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno, and was attended by General Officers from the Air Force High Command, among other civilian and military guests.

During the ceremony, General Damasceno spoke about the history of COMPREP, highlighting the collective strength of the men and women who share the purpose of preparing Aerospace and Air Force assets for use in order to maintain airspace sovereignty and integrate national territory. The Commander ended his remarks by congratulating Air Lieutenant Brigadier Almeida for his services and welcoming the new Preparedness Commander.

“I would like to express my most sincere gratitude and thanks to Air Lieutenant General Almeida for the careful, judicious and objective way in which he has led the preparation of the aerospace resources of our Force. Thank you for your brilliant performance. Dear Lieutenant General Farcic, I express my full confidence that, at the head of this great Command, you will continue the fruitful paths trodden by your predecessor. Your vast and diversified experience will allow you to build safe and objective solutions to tackle the complex issues inherent in the challenging stage that is now beginning,” concluded the Commander.

Air Brigadier Almeida wished the new Commander success and spoke about his new cycle as Chief of Staff. “I am very pleased to have had this opportunity to lead the Preparedness Command, a great challenge. I wish the new Commander every success, as it is an essential mission for the development of the Air Force. I’m moving on to the Chief of Staff and I’ll put all my effort into this new journey,” he said.

“Today is one of the happiest days of my personal and professional life. Taking over this command, which is so important for the Brazilian Air Force, where we are responsible for the preparation, dedication and doctrine of every crew member, every infantryman who protects our country, dedicated to the sovereignty of the airspace. I’m very grateful and honored,” said the new Preparedness Commander, Air Brigadier Farcic.

Passage of Leadership in Flight

On Monday (08/01), the military ceremony to hand over the leadership of the Preparedness Command (COMPREP) took place in Anápolis. On the occasion, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Almeida, aboard an F-5, handed over the post of Preparedness Commander to Air Lieutenant Brigadier Farcic, aboard an A-1. The ceremony also included a flight over several aircraft to reinforce the fact that COMPREP is operational on a daily basis.

New Commander

Air Brigadier Farcic was born in São Paulo, the capital of Brazil. He joined the Brazilian Air Force on March 5, 1979. He has all the academic courses of his career, 5,000 flight hours in 15 types of aircraft, and has headed and led various FAB Military Organizations.


The Preparedness Command’s main mission is to prepare the Aerospace and Air Force assets under its responsibility for use, in order to maintain airspace sovereignty and integrate national territory. As such, the Military Organization’s vision is to be recognized for excellence in the administration of final management and support macro-processes, in order to prepare the teams, making them capable of carrying out Air Force Actions in specific scenarios, in the appropriate dimension and at the appropriate time.

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