Brazilian Air Force Commander receives Swedish AmbassadorBrazilian Air Force Commander receives Swedish Ambassador

The meeting took place in Brasilia (DF), on Wednesday afternoon (10/19)

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Roberta Nunes – Major Oliveira Lima

The Ambassador of Sweden, Karin Lovisa Wallensteen, was received by the Commander of the Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, in his office, in the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Command building, in Brasilia (DF). The meeting took place on Wednesday (October 19) to discuss more details about the cooperation between Brazil and Sweden in the aviation area.

The Ambassador highlighted the relevance of the partnership between the two countries and the strengthening of this collaboration. “This visit was very important, because we talked about the cooperation between our countries, particularly with regard to aviation and the acquisition of Gripen. It was a meeting about innovation, safety and working together, with the aim of bringing benefits to Brazil and Sweden,” he stressed.

F-39 Gripen

Two more F-39 Gripen aircraft for FAB
Two more F-39 Gripen aircraft for FAB

In September, two more F-39 Gripen aircraft landed in Brazil. They joined two other series-production fighter jets already received in April. FAB 4103 and FAB 4104 arrived in the port of Navegantes (SC) on September 26 on a ship from Sweden. The FAB already has four units of the aircraft and by 2027 will receive 32 more, totaling 36, according to the contract with Swedish Defense and Security company SAAB.

Gripen is recognized for its efficiency, low operating costs, high availability and advanced technological capabilities. The fighter jet is used by different Air Forces around the world as a vector responsible for the sovereignty and protection of these nations.

In Brazil, the entry into service means an important qualitative and technological leap, with some of the on-board resources being unprecedented for the FAB. The Brazilian Air Force is a pioneer in the operation of the two-seat version, Gripen F, developed jointly by Brazil and Sweden.

Photo: Sergeant Figueira / CECOMSAER *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI team ***

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