Azul launches informative site about Breast Cancer and starts actions in the 12th year of support to Pink OctoberAzul launches informative site about Breast Cancer and starts actions in the 12th year of support to Pink October

For the 12th consecutive year, Azul supports the Pink October campaign and assumes the mission of taking information about breast cancer to thousands of Customers

The time has come when all eyes in society turn to one of the most effective campaigns in the world: Pink October. Marked by a broad awareness against breast cancer, the tenth month of the year brings into focus Azul’s main social cause. It is at this time that the more than 13 thousand crewmembers of the airline mobilize and engage in several internal and external actions, aiming to help disseminate the important message that prevention and early detection of the disease can save the lives of thousands of women.

In the 12th consecutive year of support for the cause, Azul announces the launching of an informative website about breast cancer, developed in partnership with the airline’s Health professionals and the Brazilian Society of Mastology. On the hotsite, the company’s main message is that awareness must occur all year round, regardless of the month.

On the page dedicated to the action, the visitor will find important information about prevention and awareness, as well as testimonials of overcoming the Blue Victors – a group of crew members who overcame breast cancer. There is also a range of other content, such as an overview of the disease in Brazil and the types of treatments available.

“We know that early detection can increase the patient’s chances of cure by up to 95% and, for this reason, Azul has been disseminating information and knowledge throughout the country for 12 years”, says Camila Almeida, director of People at Azul. “We want our crew members and clients to understand that ‘pink’ must be present all year long and that the 12 months must be dedicated to the combat and prevention of one of the diseases that most affects women worldwide,” says the executive.

According to data from the Cancer Institute (Inca), 66,280 new cases were estimated for 2022, which represents an adjusted incidence rate of 43.74 cases per 100 thousand women.

Overcoming challenges

To encourage initiatives throughout the month, Azul, in partnership with Africa, launches today an institutional video for Pink October. Following the concept “Who cares, flies further”, the campaign draws a parallel between the history of women’s fight against breast cancer and what once was, for Azul, the challenge of overcoming gravity to fly. “Our intention with this campaign is to alert, yes, to the importance of prevention. But not only that. We wanted to bring lightness and hope to such a delicate subject”, comments Sophie Schonburg, executive director of Creation at Africa.

Some of Azul’s actions in Pink October:

Pink fleet flying around Brazil: Cessna Gran Caravan, ATR 72-600, Embraer 195 E2 and the Airbus A320neo – our traditional fleet of pink aircraft will fly from North to South of the country to carry the message of awareness against the disease. It is worth noting that the pink fleet aircraft have awareness speeches on all flights throughout the year. Still this year an A330 in pink will be incorporated into the Azul fleet.

Onboard speeches: In an action to take the message about the importance of caring for women’s health, the Azul crewmembers who conquered breast cancer will be at eight airports throughout this month to give speeches on the flights, transmitting details about the importance of preventive exams against the disease.

The Victors: seven Blue female crew members who were diagnosed with breast cancer and used information as an ally in the cure. Despite the initial shock of the diagnosis, they were not discouraged: they underwent surgery and intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments and, today, are part of the company’s team of Victorious Women, who overcame the disease and now give voice to the cause. Throughout the month there will be several actions in which the victorious women will have the opportunity to give their testimonies about the disease and convey words of encouragement to other women.

Conexão Azul Rosa Project: Committed to putting its campaign into practice, since 2017, Azul has supported women with cancer through Conexão Azul Rosa, a project developed in partnership with Hospital de Amor, a reference in cancer treatment in Brazil.

Through this initiative, the airline transports women at any stage of breast cancer treatment, along with their companions, from anywhere in Brazil, to one of the units of the Hospital de Amor or hospital institutions closest to where they live.

Over its five years of existence, the project has already benefited more than 240 people, including patients and their companions, with the donation of tickets so that they can travel to surgeries and procedures with more comfort, speed, and care in this delicate moment of life.

Clients board with Azul

Throughout the month, Blue Customers can participate in the campaign on several fronts.

The Azul Collection, the product line with the company’s visual identity, will have exclusive products for Pink October, in which the amount collected from the sale will be fully allocated to the Hospital do Amor, in Barretos (SP).

For those Customers who have points accumulated in TudoAzul, there is also the option of donating points or using them to buy items from the Azul Collection.

From October 1st to 31st, the Blue Space will become Pink. Throughout the month, part of the accumulated revenue from the sale of the space, which brings even more comfort on the company’s flights, will be reverted into credits for the project Pink Blue Connection, allowing more women to be transported during treatment at the Hospital do Amor.

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